The magic of Christmas can be a plus point to fascinate people, enticing them to spend special moments in your shop. Here are some ideas to attract customers to your restaurant during the Christmas holidays.

The best business card for a place is the external showcase . If your business allows it, set up the exhibition spaces with Christmas decorations. Elements such as snow-covered fir trees, gingerbread men and glittering trinkets cannot be missing. Try to personalize the set-up according to your place, you will be very creative. If your place serves soft waffles, you could glue berries and blueberries and decorate a tree with these original charms.

Don't forget to fine-tune the internal environment of your shop as well, the Christmas spirit must not be bound only to the window. For the most creative advice on how to decorate your place, we remind you of our article dedicated to this very topic.

To create the right atmosphere, inviting customers to enter your place, it is good to give the right lighting . Avoid too dark settings, Christmas is a joyful celebration, so make way for both indoor and outdoor lights that give a dreamy look to your business. For an enveloping effect, prefer warm colors; for a lively and lively result, we recommend multicolored and intermittent lights.

There is no Christmas without its typical songs. Creating or choosing a Christmas playlist makes your place cheerful and welcoming, promoting a festive atmosphere. It is important to opt for a musical selection suitable for both the store and the target. If your customers are very young, opt for a pop playlist . If the target audience is more adult or if your store goes better with vintage charm, choose a selection with classic Christmas songs, Frank Sinatra in primis.

Attention to the volume that must not be high. Christmas is a convivial celebration, the volume level must allow customers to talk without forcing themselves, creating a soft background atmosphere.

Create the perfect climate for special moments. To attract customers to your establishment at Christmas, you have to think about transforming the shop into a welcoming living room, an intimate place where people like to get together to experience the Christmas spirit together. For example, if your business allows it, have comfortable pillows and warm blankets. Keep spare chairs or extra supports, usually during the holidays there are large groups of people, in this way there is room for everyone.

Christmas could also be a reason for special promotions designed for the occasion, which encourage public engagement with your business. A place could organize a day in which customers who show up with a Christmas garment have an immediate discount. Or organize a "two for one day", emphasizing the importance of sharing and spending the holidays together with the dearest ones.

To increase the number of customers it is good to prefer extraordinary openings . Christmas is a busy time when everyone is busy with dinners, events and parties. For this reason it is better to keep it open several days a week, giving customers more chances to find themselves in your establishment. It's a choice that involves a lot of work and commitment, but it pays off.

One of the most popular ways to attract customers to your establishment is to display the menu , showing what you offer to passers-by. For Christmas, however, the offer can be thematised, proposing dishes and drinks created especially for the holidays. Some ideas in our previous article .

Thematizing the offer also means making the objects on which the courses are presented original and thematic. Plates, bowls, cups, glasses and napkins with Christmas motifs can be a good plus point to make the festive atmosphere even more

Don't forget to take care of social communication . Through your channels you can inform customers about any Christmas promotions, menu changes, attention and care you have taken in creating a festive environment.