From 23 to 27 January, Rimini will become the capital of the ice cream and confectionery sector thanks to SIGEP 2016 , the global event that brings together the best food experts every year. Among the protagonists of this thirty-eighth edition stands out Techfood, which will present the Ice N Roll, Rondò Unika and Combi Wave, three of the most innovative proposals.

"The art of Italian taste in the world" is the title that accompanies the new exhibition with the aim of merging the Italian craftsmanship of ice cream, pastry, bread or coffee with the great Etruscan, Roman, Renaissance and neoclassical art Italian.

The fil rouge of the edition marries perfectly with the aesthetics of ice cream produced with Ice N Roll , a frozen plate that instantly freezes the ice cream mix . Once flavored and processed, the base is rolled to obtain the right texture and curled shape. All the steps of the process take place under the eyes of the customer, as if the production of ice cream were transformed into a real creative performance.

The rolled appearance of the ice cream recalls the capitals of neoclassical columns and its very texture recalls the smooth surfaces of Canova's works. Art and ice cream come together, giving life to an innovative idea of ​​making ice cream, a new concept in serving it and combining it with daring flavours.

Together with the Ice N Roll at SIGEP 2016 you can discover the incredible functionality of Rondò Unika , the ideal machine for offering a varied and diversified menu in a small space. Rondò Unika is an interchangeable multifunction plate capable of preparing a kaleidoscopic assortment of dishes, such as crêpes, waffles, churros, donuts, cones, wafers, wraps, omelettes, pancakes and tortillas.

During the SIGEP days it will also be possible to get to know the new Combi Wave , a latest generation countertop and kitchen oven that is suitable for cooking and reheating any food. Like a multifaceted artist, Combi Wave is capable of cooking, heating, defrosting, toasting, gratinating, sautéing, melting, frying without oil, boiling and boiling.

Combi Wave is an innovative combi oven , in which different technologies coexist. The instagrill infrared system, the forced ventilation system and the microwave make this machine an essential tool for offering a varied menu in a very short time and to a large audience. In fact, Cambi Wave allows you to prepare any type of product, from sweet to savoury.

Combi Wave, together with Rondò Unika and Ice n Roll, will represent the innovative avant-garde Techfood at SIGEP 2016 in Rimini from 23rd to 27th January. Take the opportunity to come and discover the latest Techfood news, you can find us in pavilion D2 stan 019 .

January 21, 2016