The 2016 edition of Sigep , the international exhibition of artisanal gelato, pastry and bread making, ended on Wednesday 27 January. The number of visitors this year amounts to more than 201,320, an increase of 8% compared to the previous edition of the Fair.
“The worldwide success of Sigep – comments Patrizia Cecchi, director of the Rimini Fiera Wellness, Food&Beverage & Consumer business unit – derives from the unbeatable symbiosis created between innovative and export-oriented companies, the greatest masters in the world and international events. Thus the fair connects growth processes and accelerates development prospects. Three components welded together, which represent a system that runs fast, multiplies relationships, contacts and contracts".
We at Techfood would like to thank all those who visited our stand, making the #sigep2016 experience incredible. Thanks to the numerous and curious public who wanted to taste the dishes prepared with our machines, from the surprising Ice n Roll ice cream to the oil-free French fries prepared with Combi Wave. Thanks to the customers, who rely on our experience in the food innovation field for their business. Thanks to all the Techfood staff, a team with an extraordinary passion for work and teamwork.
Special thanks to our collaborators Claudio Aveta, Santo Palumo, Potito Decimo, Francesco Dessì, Sandro Albanese, Tonino Minniti, Fabrizio di Lorenzo, Luciano de Luca, Maurizio Spagni, Giancarlo Bartoli, Santo Barcella, Pierpaolo Barbieri, Fabrizio and Beatrice Bario, Lorenzo Linzarini, Fabio Allegro, Gianni Zangrilli, Lucio Sabatini, Fabio Faccenda, Elena Salsi, Gabriella Nicoli, Fabio Dozio. And a heartfelt thanks also to our chefs Simone Agosta, Marco and Erica Stefanini.
We want to relive with you some of the best moments of the event at Rimini Fiera, such as the inauguration of the Ice n Roll machine with the first ice cream prepared at Sigep 2016.

You cannot leave #sigep2016 before trying it
Published by Techfood by Sogabe Srl on Saturday 23 January 2016

During the days of the fair we presented Combi Wave for the first time, the oven with an integrated turbo-ventilation, infrared and microwave system that allows you to cook, heat, defrost, toast, grill, boil and fry any food without oil. Here is a practical demonstration directly from the Techfood stand at Sigep 2016.

And with this we wish you a good evening from #sigep2016
Published by Techfood by Sogabe Srl on Monday 25 January 2016

All Techfood is proud to have participated in the 38th edition of Sigep in Rimini, and we are proud of the warm participation of all of you. Thank you.