A new Techfood offer intended for its agents and best customers. Thus was born Create your menu , the exclusive application that allows you to create a menu with a clean and accurate design in a simple way. The service is reserved only for businesses that rely on Techfood's experience in the field of food innovation.

With Create your menu it is possible to create a menu quickly, there are only four steps that will allow exclusively Techfood customers to create a menu card easily.


Before going on to introduce categories and products in the menu, it is necessary to enter the essential data of the business, such as company name, address, telephone number, email and website. Don't forget to write a brief description of your establishment in which you highlight the characteristics that make your restaurant and the offer you offer unique.


The next step to create a menu allows you to give the menu a personalized and unique look. You can choose your menu template, upload your business logo, and set some color preferences for both the background and text.


After choosing how to customize the graphic aspect of your menu, you need to select the macro categories that will compose it. The categories are presented in alphabetical order to facilitate recognition, but for your menu you can choose the sequence that best suits your offer. The choice is vast, the categories presented range from sweet to savory with a large variety of alternatives. The hors d'oeuvres can be indicated with the general classification hors d'oeuvres , or more precisely by selecting sea or land hors d' oeuvres.


The last step to create a menu with the Techfood app is dedicated to the products. Once you have selected the categories that make up your list, you can add the dishes that correspond to each category. For each dish you can upload an image of the product, indicate its name, price and a brief description, in which, for example, you can indicate the ingredients used.

When you have finished entering the dishes on your menu, just click on "Generate PDF" to view the menu card created with the Techfood application and save it on your computer. Create your menu is a tool reserved only for the best Techfood customers that allows you to create a menu card in just a few steps and with minimal effort.

It only takes a few steps to create a menu with the exclusive Techfood app. To get started click here .