With the first warm weather, the desire to be outdoors grows when you go out to eat something or have a drink with friends. The summer expanse thus proves to be an ideal solution to satisfy customers who want to stay outdoors and increase sales thanks to the increase in seating capacity. We have already dealt with this topic previously, giving you the first rules necessary for managing a space outside your establishment. This time we want to focus on how to decorate the summer expanse. Here are our ideas.

Chairs, benches and sofas

The first step to a beautiful summer expanse is choosing the right decor to match your locale. If you own an ice cream shop, you could create original benches with pallets repainted in white and padded with pastel-coloured cushions. To transport them comfortably when closed, attach sturdy wheels to the feet, your back will thank you.

To give a romantic touch to the expanse of a bar, instead, opt for pretty French-style wrought iron chairs with the unmistakable heart decorations. The color in this case makes the difference: black for a more elegant look, white instead for a more country look. Furthermore, if your space permits it, you could consider inserting a swing chair between chairs and sofas which will give an even more poetic touch to the expanse.

If the style of your restaurant and what you offer is more exotic, we recommend the rope ottoman poufs, lower seats than the classic chairs with a typically ethnic feature. You could even try your hand at DIY and create them by covering a used tire with rope and repainting it as desired.

Shady areas

In the hottest hours of the summer, the expanse can turn into a hot oven. For this reason it is also good to consider the insertion of umbrellas or plants to create shaded areas. Also in this case it is necessary to give great importance to the style of the place when choosing the umbrellas.

As for the choice of shading plants, the ideal would be to place tall potted plants with broad leaves. If space is limited you could use decorative vases where you can put palm branches to give the feeling of freshness on the hottest days.

Light design

The lighting of the expanse is an aspect not to be underestimated, the light gives the right atmosphere to the nights spent outdoors. To give a soft atmosphere, don't forget to light the candles on the tables. In view of the summer you might think of creating them yourself with aromatic plants such as rosemary. The process is very simple and the result will envelop your customers in a light summer fragrance.

Not only candles, but also electric lighting must be treated in detail. Take the champagne-colored lights out of the box of Christmas decorations, they will be perfect for giving an intimate and welcoming aspect to your expanse.

Plants and flowers

With the summer, nature comes back to life and fills us with colors and scents. Flowers are a perfect solution to make your expanse pleasing to the eye. Green light then to bouquets of flowers or even potted plants. For those who don't have a green thumb, you can always opt for succulents. Much more resistant to summer heat and above all to those who do not like to take care of plants too much.

Taking care of the appearance of your expanse is important because it allows you to create a welcoming environment. By following some of our advice, your customers will be pleasantly enthusiastic.