2016 is a year that marks a positive trend in Italians' consumption away from home, activities in the confectionery sector have grown by 3%. The positive economic situation can be a good reason to open an ice cream shop, but what are the aspects not to be overlooked in order to have a popular business? We explain to you the key factors for a successful business.


Before opening an ice cream shop, it is good to identify an area that is very busy. The shopping streets, those close to schools and the shopping centers themselves are ideal areas in which to open an ice cream shop because they would guarantee a fixed and constant clientele. Locate yourself near other establishments that draw a lot of people, it will help you build your customer base in the beginning.


The quality of the products offered must satisfy customers, in this way your ice cream parlor will be able to make itself known. The choice of raw materials is important, as is the decision of which suppliers to turn to. Attention must be paid not only to km 0 and organic products, but also to semi-finished products for ice cream parlors, such as fresh fruit concentrates, oilseed pastes, flavor enhancers, thickeners, uprights and garnishes.

Don't focus only on the ice cream, a quality service also includes the presentation of the product and the relationship that is created between the ice cream maker and the customer. Forget the motto "the customer is always right", the new mantra is "the customer is the king". The customer is king , who must be pampered with respect and without being too intrusive.


Precisely because customers are everything in the performance of a club, before opening a club you need to study your target well. Children, students and adults are some target audiences, but they are not the only ones. Think, for example, of diversifying the offer also for the lactose intolerant, celiac, vegan or simply for those who are more attentive to their figure, proposing a variant that satisfies these needs. You could think of creating promotions designed according to the target, such as a promo card for university students for those planning to open an ice cream parlor near a faculty. Those who get 30 cum laude have a discount on ice cream.


Having an effective message is critical to success. Communicate the quality of your products, offers and promotions directly and clearly. Avoid roundabouts or sentences that are too complex, instead prefer a simple slogan. For example, Grom has focused on the type of products offered and has chosen the claim "Ice cream as it once was", referring to craftsmanship and the use of raw materials.

Use social media to tell your local, values ​​and products. An online presence is important for communicating quickly and intuitively. In this regard, we refer you to one of our articles with advice for managing your online presence .

Beyond ice cream

A successful ice cream parlor must not only offer ice cream. The turning point lies in proposing a wider offer that includes other desserts, such as crêpes and waffles. To expand your menu, rely on Rondò Unika , the ideal Techfood machine that allows you to satisfy all types of palates. An interchangeable multifunction plate that adapts to prepare crêpes, waffles, churros, cones, waffles and pancakes in a small space.

To have a successful place it is therefore important to always keep in mind some determining factors, without forgetting the passion for one's work.

July 25, 2016