For many ice cream parlors, winter is a season marked by low turnover and significant declines in sales. If until several years ago for many owners it was a holiday period and they often chose to close even for a few months , now the more tiring general situation does not allow this type of management for everyone.
It is therefore necessary to invent, renew itself in order to be able to keep the level of turnover and sales high . Today we offer you 4 strategies for selling in ice cream shops even in winter.

Study in a welcoming environment

In a room the environment must make the customer feel at ease , this will lead him not only to
Enter more willingly but also to stay longer and consume more.
In an ice cream parlor that wants to continue its business even in winter, it is important to focus on an environment that can be welcoming even during the cold season, which can be modulated with a more autumnal or winter setting. For the customer to be enticed by an ice cream as a snack, he must certainly feel the possibility of eating his ice cream inside in a warm and peaceful climate .

The presentation of the ice cream and the autumn flavours

To entice the shivering customer you need to stir up a little more creativity and attract people with captivating presentations . Take care of the presentation of the ice cream by adding decorations that recall winter atmospheres, such as chocolate or meringues . It is important to carefully choose the flavors to offer, for example chocolates, creams, to experiment with more modern flavors such as pumpkin or chestnuts .
ice cream parlor winter

Focus on the quality of ice cream and food

To have a loyal clientele even in winter when ice cream consumption drops, it is important to focus on a quality of preparation that distinguishes you from other ice cream parlors in the area. Always having fresh ice cream, for example, is very important. Often in winter the consumption of ice cream is linked to the weather, try to establish in the morning according to the weather the quantities of ice cream to prepare in order to have no leftovers.
Try to focus on a more local clientele, stable even in winter, who will concentrate in your establishment especially on weekends or in the evening for a take-away tray.

Increase the offer with more winter dishes

A strategy that proves to be very effective for having a constant turnover even in winter is to focus on a more varied offer that combines more winter foods with ice cream, such as crepes, waffles, churros . It is also interesting to combine these foods with the ice cream itself to serve particular dishes that can keep hot and cold flavors together and not give up the personality and characteristics of your ice cream-focused establishment.
With the thought turned to so many summer places that need to be reconverted, Techfood has created Unika , a machine with interchangeable plates, capable of preparing crepes, waffles, churros and many other foods.
We hope we have interested you with our proposals, but what do you usually do in winter? Let us know by writing in the comments below.
For those with a sweet tooth, however, why not focus on chocolate , differentiating itself from the traditional hot chocolate with an original idea? Choco Burger and Choco Kebab will help you in this , the two ideas for ice cream parlors in winter with an irresistible taste that are increasingly in demand by the Italian public .
ice cream parlor winter
Choco Burger is the chocolate burger wrapped between two waffles , to be served filled with cream, sprinkles, creams, fruit and even with ice cream. It lends itself to every season with its eight flavor variations , some of which are perfect for a winter proposal ( Oreo, Speculoos, Kinder Cereali dark, Kinder Cereali white, Bacio, White chocolate and biscuit, Amaretto and Dark with orange and cinnamon) .
ice cream parlor winter
Choco Kebab is, on the other hand, the chocolate kebab that combines the traditional taste of Piedmontese cremino with the famous Middle Eastern dish. The result is an original sweet kebab, perfect as an alternative to crêpes and easy to fill with any ingredient . 
Finally, for those who wish to offer both original chocolate -based preparations , the answer is called Choco : a single machine, two fun and innovative proposals to amaze your customers.
To find out more, do not hesitate to contact us . Your ice cream shop will also take off in winter.
November 10, 2022