Rosso Pinsa, un’insegna simbolo dell’imprenditorialità smart

Rosso Pinsa, a symbol of smart entrepreneurship

Intelligent catering starts from actively listening to the customer: the owner of "Rosso Pinsa" tells us about his experience.
Linea Combi: la testimonianza soddisfatta di chi l’ha provato

Linea Combi: the satisfied testimony of those who have tried it

Local managers talk about the advantages of the Combi Wave and Combi Wave Smart professional electric oven.
Aprire nel 2020: Ramona è la Burger Queen dell’anno

Open in 2020: Ramona is Burger Queen of the Year

At the table, to take away and then at home, the service has changed in 2020. But Ramona Granatella's fast food was not afraid of the dpcm.
Gestire un bar e avere successo in 3 settimane: una storia vera

Running a bar and being successful in 3 weeks: a true story

Bar management, how to improve it? Take the Creamy Crime of Fiumicino as an example, in just 3 weeks from the opening it is the novelty of the city.
June 28, 2018
Idee franchising: Pic Nic, il corner chiavi in mano

Franchising ideas: Pic Nic, the turnkey corner

Pic Nic is the turnkey solution also chosen by Carolina, owner of the Stop And Go, a place where sweet and savory are offered in a short time and with great quality. Discover Carolina's story and how she trusted Techfood to open a restaurant.
December 22, 2017
Kebab di cioccolato: un'idea geniale di Techfood

Chocolate kebab: a brilliant idea from Techfood

Surena Khorwash has chosen to enrich the offer of her restaurant with Choco Kebab, the original chocolate kebab created by Techfood. Find out why he decided to rely on the Techfood experience for his business.
November 02, 2017
Green Garden Riccione: qualità e velocità i must di un bar

Green Garden Riccione: quality and speed are the musts of a bar

Green Garden Riccione is the bar managed by Espostito Tina that offers a non-stop service to its customers. From breakfast to the pre-disco snack, Tina has been able to exploit the winning position of her club to increase her success. Let's find out with her how she has improved her business with an ally in the kitchen for the preparation of quality dishes that are quick to prepare.
Per la pizzeria Il Pizzicotto la velocità è tutto

For the Il Pizzicotto pizzeria, speed is everything

Sonia tells us about the pizzeria Il Pizzicotto, a place near the crystalline coasts of the Adriatic coast in Porto Sant'Elpidio (FM). How it has also become a snack and why speed and quality are essential in a take-away restaurant.
July 01, 2016
#baristidentro: intervista con Luana e Maria Teresa

#baristidentro: interview with Luana and Maria Teresa

A close-knit staff, excellent organization and a pinch of advertising. The advice of La Bottega del Turista for the #baristidentro section
October 08, 2015
Vuoi aprire una paninoteca? Ecco un esempio di successo: La Taverna di Poldo

Do you want to open a sandwich shop? Here is a successful example: Poldo's Tavern

Today we propose the case of Poldo's tavern , which can be a useful reference for anyone who wants to open a sandwich shop. A fast-food restaurant attentive to design...
Un esempio di idee innovative per bar: il caso Fantasy

An example of innovative ideas for bars: the Fantasy case

Today we want to tell you about our meeting with Saverio Columbia Verdicchio, an entrepreneur from Venafrio in the province of Isernia, who, with his innovative ideas for bars, opened...
L’Art Café: un mini shop Simple point Techfood a Montecarlo

The Art Café: a Simple point Techfood mini shop in Montecarlo

What we want to tell you today is a very successful example of Simple Point , the mini shop that Techfood has been offering for years to customers who want...