SOS bar management: how to improve the performance of a bar? Maria Belousova answers the question, telling us how her restaurant achieved success in just 3 weeks . Maria manages Creamy Crime together with her husband Stefano Maestrini, a place in Fiumicino that offers sweet and savory fast food.

The Creamy Crime is located in a strategic position, a very busy street with the possibility of parking and close to schools and gyms. It is equipped with three Tehfood equipment with which it satisfies every desire of the public: Ice N Roll , Rondò Unika and Choco Burger . The venue hasn't officially opened yet, but there's a reason it's already a local hangout. Let's find out the Creamy Crime bar management strategies together.

What does the venue offer?

Creamy Crime is the evolution of fast food declined to a sweet offer . The idea behind the project is to bring together the most popular desserts in the world in one place. To expand the menu, however, we also offer ice cream aperitifs using Ice N Roll and alternatives to desserts, such as savory sandwiches and churros. The core of the place remains the sweet fast food , which we want to strengthen more and more.

We are studying real menus like in traditional fast food. Instead of a drink, we offer hamburgers and chips with fruit extracts, ice cream and churros. An idea both to consume at the table and take away. Despite being sweet fast food, we don't give up on the quality of the ingredients. We only use fresh and genuine foods, often made at the moment.

Have you experimented a lot with Ice N Roll?

Yes, we like to try new recipes. For example, let's take fresh pastry babas, not stuffed. We add the milk base, the rum and the custard to instantly make a rolled babà ice cream , a new way of proposing this dessert.

The babà taste and the Sicilian cannolo taste have now become famous in our restaurant. We are also working on experimenting with ice cream cocktails which have been very successful, especially in the mojito and spritz flavours.    

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And with Rondo Unika?

At the moment Ice N Roll is our forte, but because the summer season lends itself more to satisfying the demand for ice cream. Despite this, with Rondò Unika we often offer savory churros with cheese or bacon , to accompany the aperitif. In this way we cover the sales of all time slots of the day.

We will certainly make even more use of Rondò Unika at the end of the season. To prepare ourselves we are already developing new savory proposals. Express menus where the usual sandwich is replaced by crêpes and savory waffles.

What advantages have you noticed?

Ice N Roll and Rondò Unika allow you to do whatever you want . There isn't a customer request to which we say no, because the machinery offers so many possibilities and you just have to experiment. The limits are very few. Then with Ice N Roll we brought a great novelty to the city, differentiating ourselves from all the other ice cream proposals. We have been open for 3 weeks and we are already incredibly satisfied with the economic returns.

Did you only open the club 3 weeks ago?

In truth, we haven't had the official inauguration yet. We opened, immediately focused on marketing and then immediately started with sales. We haven't had time to organize a proper inauguration, but it's coming soon. We preferred to focus a lot on Facebook communication, instead of the classic flyers , first creating an active community and then organizing a more attended inaugural event.

Bar management: what are the success factors?

The service and the novelty. We offer daily specials, so as not to bore the customers who often come to us. Always letting the customer discover something new is very important, because he never tires the public .

The management of the Creamy Crime bar is an example of how differentiating the offer and distributing it over several moments of the day are two pillars for opening a place on the right foot. If the qualities of Ice N Roll have impressed you, find out how to immediately receive the machine with the new formula on loan for use .

June 28, 2018