Understanding where to open an ice cream parlor is one of the first steps for a popular place. In a previous article we illustrated what are the fundamental steps to open an ice cream shop , and among these the position is the first for success. With this article, however, we tell you the story of Leonardo Mencio, owner of the Il Cono Gelato business.
Leonardo's place opened a year ago, after studying where to open the ice cream shop, which products to offer and how to increase the offer with Rondò Unika . The Techfood multifunction plate has made it possible to expand the offer of Il Cono Gelato with crêpes and churros, increasing the sales possibilities of the place.

Where is the venue located?

Il Cono Gelato is located in Montefiascone. It is a small tourist town in the province of Viterbo near Lake Bolsena. The area is a destination frequented by many visitors especially in the summer, which makes it the perfect place to open an ice cream shop. The place is also mentioned in the sites dedicated to the Via Francigena path. Its position in a place of passage is fundamental in terms of influx, which we try to increase by exploiting the world of social networks. We invest a lot of time on Facebook. We update the page constantly, it's a good tool to promote our products and reach more people.

What are the ice cream specialties?

Our specialty is ice cream, but we also offer frozen desserts and crêpes. We almost exclusively use local products, to name a few: hazelnuts and chestnuts from Monti Cimini, raspberries from Montefiascone, pomegranates and strawberries grown in the area. We have also studied and proposed a wine ice cream made with the local wines of Montefiascone for a special event.
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What are the strengths of the venue?

Definitely the choice of quality raw materials and the location. The ice cream parlor is located in an area very popular with young people and has become a meeting point. We created a small room with seating, and this factor increased the convivial spirit. At the time of the restaurant's restoration, we took care of the aesthetic aspect down to the smallest detail, an important value for presenting one's business in the best possible way.

What characteristics of Rondò Unika struck you?

The main feature of Rondò Unika that struck us the most is the speed of preparation of cones and crêpes. To this I would add the quality of the preparations, essential for a place that pays attention to this aspect. Rondò Unika allows an ice cream parlor not only to expand the offer in a short time, but also to prepare the waffle cones on the spot. It gives an artisanal idea to ice cream, perfectly in line with our ice cream shop.

What must a successful restaurant have?

Location and quality are the basis. A restaurant must take great care in the choice of raw materials. A good quality product is the best form of advertising for a place. Then there are other essential aspects, such as the cleanliness, courtesy and aesthetic care of the place.

Leonardo Mencio's story is an example for all those who want to start a business. The careful choice of where to open an ice cream shop, the raw materials, a recognizable aesthetic appearance are important elements for success. And then you have to go beyond ice cream, expanding the offer and in this Rondò Unika can help you by multiplying the proposals on the menu .
May 03, 2018