Con 10 attrezzature Techfood, Sapori d’Italia è cliente dell’anno

With 10 Techfood equipment, Sapori d'Italia is customer of the year

What Techfood equipment is needed to open a bar and cover all times of the day? Here is a true success story.
Con Squeezita la vetrina diventa gourmet

With Squeezita, the showcase becomes gourmet

With Squeezita, Gian's 2.0 bar has become famous for its delicious breakfasts. A bet born in October 2020 to be taken as an example.
January 28, 2021
Aprire nel 2020: Ramona è la Burger Queen dell’anno

Open in 2020: Ramona is Burger Queen of the Year

At the table, to take away and then at home, the service has changed in 2020. But Ramona Granatella's fast food was not afraid of the dpcm.
Vendere pasta fresca: dalla farina al piatto

Selling fresh pasta: from flour to plate

To open a successful pasta factory it is important to differentiate yourself from large-scale distribution, as Giuseppe Spongano did. Discover its history.
January 17, 2019
Gestire un bar e avere successo in 3 settimane: una storia vera

Running a bar and being successful in 3 weeks: a true story

Bar management, how to improve it? Take the Creamy Crime of Fiumicino as an example, in just 3 weeks from the opening it is the novelty of the city.
June 28, 2018
Dove aprire una gelateria? Il luogo fa la differenza

Where to open an ice cream shop? The place makes the difference

Understanding where to open an ice cream parlor is essential for guaranteed success. Discover the history of Il Cono Gelato and where it has chosen to position itself.
May 03, 2018
Aprire una yogurteria: la storia indipendente di Giulia

Opening a yogurt shop: Giulia's independent story

Giulia Mantellino has decided to open a yogurt shop on her own to become its own owner. Find out how Techfood helped her achieve her goals.
January 25, 2018