Winning team doesn't change , so says the motto and so too Simona and Stefano creperia Sapori d'Italia in Crevalcore , in the Bolognese plain. We have already met them before , but we decided to contact them remotely due to their total trust in Techfood's horeca solutions.
In fact, Simona and Stefano manage a fruit and vegetable shop, L'Oasi del Lupo, which they have added to a fast-food restaurant business relying on Rondò Unika , Rondò 40 , Ice N Roll , Chocos , Yo4me and Combi Wave Smart . After just 5 months they also added Choco Pizza and Bubble Waffle to the instrumentation , officially becoming the customers of the year 2020 for entrepreneurial initiative. They are also about to open a bar, as Simona tells us.

Are you happy with the customer of the year 2020 nomination ?

Yes, absolutely happy! Techfood made us make the breakthrough and allowed me, Stefano, Tania and Michele to realize our dream and open a real restaurant. We worked hard, despite the difficulties of 2020, and we expanded so much that we bought a 200 m2 kiosk with a garden in the middle of a park and close to the schools. It will be called In Baracca , we are thrilled to inaugurate it! We threw ourselves headlong into this project, taking advantage of all the Techfood solutions , including the Squeezita dispensers to be able to fill croissants in the morning and cover breakfast time.

Since November 2020 you have also introduced Choco Pizza and Bubble Waffle. What struck you most about these solutions?

We have added Choco Pizza and Bubble Waffle to further expand the offer. They are products that are easy to prepare and good, which allow us to differentiate ourselves and catch the eye of customers . In addition to these two pastry equipment, we have placed a third order and a new Combi Wave Smart will arrive today. Two ovens are essential for opening a successful bar: the new one will complement the one already present in the restaurant to respond to a greater demand for hot burgers.

You are now a Techfood collector. Have you already tried to combine multiple solutions together?

Yes, we serve the waffles prepared by Rondò Unika with Yo4Me yoghurt . And then we can cover every item on a menu, for example from a hamburger with fries prepared with Combi Wave Smart to crepes for dessert prepared with Rondò 40, or with an Ice N Roll ice cream.

Would you recommend Techfood because…

Because Techfood offers innovative, simple solutions , capable of covering all times of the day and responding to all customer needs, even going beyond expectations .

Plans for the upcoming summer?

At the beginning of June we will open the new restaurant, In Baracca , and we will take advantage of the summer to make our service known, from breakfast to ice cream through the aperitif and burger-based dinner.
The enthusiasm with which Simona talks about the new project is a lot, and we wish Baracca well -deserved success! Do you want to know which Techfood instruments are right for you and how to combine them? Write to us for a consultation.