Just one year after its launch, Squeezita cream is the queen of breakfast both in Italy and abroad. Fun, practical and greedy: with its wow effect it knows how to conquer the public both at the counter and online, guaranteeing delicious results in terms of takings and notoriety of the place. So how to exploit the aesthetic potential of Squeezita ? To get started, you can take a cue from these 3 Instagram profiles .

1. Itaca Bistrot

Itaca Bistrot is a burger restaurant in the heart of the Lucanian hinterland, a few kilometers from Matera. There is no shortage of good food and good wine, as well as a good breakfast. Indeed, the Squeezite breakfast. In fact, the restaurant also offers fresh croissants and puff pastries filled on demand with Squeezita apricot jam, custard, pistachio and white chocolate and hazelnuts.
To communicate the possibility of filling the brioches on request, publish videos with the entire preparation. Indulge yourself with double fillings, grains and tempting toppings.

2. Bar Gian's 2.0

Bar Gian's 2.0 is one of our favorite and most provocative profiles. Could you ever resist these hot donuts filled with pistachio Squeezita ? And they are not the only pastry desserts that Andrea, the owner of the bar, offers every morning:
“Most of the bakery products I buy are empty – brioches, donuts, pasticciotti. Every morning I stuff some with different flavors of Squeezita and garnish them with sprinkles and chocolate. So I show the customer the final result of the gourmet brioche and whet his hunger with a delicious presentation. And since most of the products on display are not stuffed, I manage to have a good food cost/sales ratio” he explains enthusiastically .

To give a real wow effect to your photos, bring the lens very close and fill the entire frame available.

3. Cafe & Bistro food

Cibo Cafe & Bistro is an ambitious project by Jonathan, who has exported the concept of Italian breakfast to the United States. In his restaurant in Wakefield, Massachusetts, he offers his customers the all-Italian experience of the first meal. With Squeezita he fills croissants, donuts and even a classic of Sicilian pastry: cannoli .
A true foodgasm photo must express gluttony. Play with the composition so as not to present a static painting. Make piles of food and use cutlery to create levels.

The ones presented are just three examples of how much you can play with your imagination with Squeezita cream. Have you ever tried to use it for garnishing coffee and cappuccinos? In this article we will explain how to use it also for the most popular drinks at the moment.
May 06, 2021
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