As we all know , International Women's Day will take place in a few days , an important moment of social reflection, especially this year when the more commercial aspects will be missing.
What better occasion then to talk about women entrepreneurs?

There is no shortage of examples in the Horeca sector. Do you remember the story of Flavia and her book on cake design or Anna and her gourmet pizzeria ?

Today we tell you about another one: we interviewed Claudia, owner of Oui la crêpe .

Where is your business located? The name makes us think of France!

The name is certainly a tribute to France but we are in Iglesias, Sardinia, in the pedestrian area of ​​the historic centre. This position makes me work a lot especially in the summer, and indeed many French tourists stop by!

How long has Oui la crêpe been around?

At the end of August it will be 5 years. This means that, having overcome the famous 3-year obstacle which is said to correspond to the startup phase of an activity, in my fourth year of opening I found myself grappling with the covid19 emergency and all that followed.

What does it mean to be one of the women entrepreneurs in the restaurant industry?

I have always worked as an employee in various activities in the sector but starting my own business was my big dream, I really like contact with the public and the idea of ​​being able to independently manage something of my own. I didn't make it when I was very young but for this very reason I was able to gain experience and understand that I had to start with something small.
Oui la crêpe has 20 seats, and in addition to the quality of the products, I have taken great care of the environment which is welcoming, with a very recognizable style; perhaps for this reason it is appreciated above all by female customers of all ages.
Of course, with the takeaway we lost this aspect a bit, it was a place where people loved to spend time pleasantly.

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How did you hear about Techfood?

During the opening phase, I clearly had to buy crêpes and the designer who followed me recommended Techfood.
Compared to other similar products I've tried, it's the best crêpes, and I have continuous confirmation of this from customer feedback: considering that sweet and savory crêpes stuffed with products prepared by me are my core business, I quickly convinced myself.
During this takeaway period I also prepare them for walking, a little smaller in size.
I also make cakes, biscuits and muffins to accompany coffee and hot chocolate, but I believe that the offer must be specialized to keep the quality high.

Which of our crêpes solutions do you have?

I have the Rondò Unika straightener .
The system is very practical, especially for me as I work alone: ​​there's no need to turn the crêpe, so I can do something else in the meantime!
And after 5 years the machine is still running very well, the plates can be replaced if worn and otherwise the performance is always excellent.
Thanks to Techfood , the world of waffles opened up to me, which I prepare with the same equipment !

What advice would you like to give to your colleagues and in particular to your female colleagues?

Although it can be complicated, especially if you have children to follow in addition to the activity, it is absolutely worth it. It takes a few years to recover from the investment, of course, but with the right solutions such as those proposed by Techfood, management costs can be kept under control.
And even though we find ourselves in this difficult time, I say hold on and hold on, because it will pass. Never give up!
These beautiful stories of women entrepreneurs in the horeca sector can be of great inspiration to us at a time like this between closures, partial reopenings and constant second thoughts.
Whether you're in the white, yellow, orange or red area, here are some ideas for International Women's Day that you can also offer in a takeaway and delivery version.