It was March 2020 when Maria Teresa Grillo decided to inaugurate her business, managed in Sellia Marina (Catanzaro) together with her sister and husband. A few days after the first dpcm, the one we will never forget and which did not curb Happy Yo 's desire for success . With the right yoghurt equipment, Maria Teresa adapted the offer to take away and then returned to direct sales .

In one year he built his brand and characterized it with a vertical offer of desserts, combining several Techfood plates and a single food preparation with his creativity. He tells us how it went.

How did the idea of ​​opening Happy Yo come about?

Happy Yo was born almost as a joke. The world of pastry and ice cream has always fascinated me, but until a year ago it was just a dream. I took courage and together with my sister and my husband I ventured into this project. The sacrifices were many, some even unexpected. The restaurant opened on 8 March 2020, the first anti-coronavirus dpcm came out at midnight and closed for two months. In May we reopened with take away and delivery solutions, the public has started to get to know Happy Yo and now people even come to visit us from outside the country.

What does the place offer in particular?

Happy Yo is the only yogurt shop in Sellia Marina, in the province of Catanzaro. In addition to yoghurt, however, we also offer Choco Burger , Choco Kebab , Bubble Waffle and crepes prepared with Rondò Unika to totally differentiate ourselves from businesses similar to ours which are 15-30 km away.

What is the place most recognized for?

The Bubble Waffle is very strong. We also use it to make layered cakes, they are an idea that attracts customers a lot for birthdays! We also prepare special crepes, the rolls . We start from the normal crepe, with which the best known and most delicious snacks are rolled up.
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How did you hear about Techfood yoghurt equipment?

When I started looking for solutions to open the restaurant, I found Techfood. I got in touch with an agent in the area and realized it was the right way to go. There is no comparison compared to other companies! And in fact I made a first and only order for all the straighteners, then in September I added the Squeezita dispensers to complete the offer.

Do you use Squeezita for various preparations?

Yes, we use Squeezita for grilled desserts and croissants. We have customers who come to us exclusively for breakfast, because the idea of ​​eating a freshly stuffed croissant arouses a lot of interest . The other establishments offer frozen croissants already filled, which are not as inviting and good compared to a fresh filling on request. In addition, I also prepare gourmet coffees ; I put Squeezita in a transparent small glass, pour the coffee and the milk foam and then garnish with grains and cocoa. Along with the breakfast croissants, the gourmet coffees are also doing very well.
At the moment we have apricot, pistachio, white chocolate and hazelnut and cream Squeezita, which by the way arrived a few days ago. We've already had some customers taste it and they were thrilled!

What must a successful restaurant have?

Courtesy, friendliness and quality, because customers prefer a place for products and service. Then you need passion, especially in this sector. You have to believe it and you have to like it, because people notice it.
Happy Yo is an example of how important it is to rely on those who are able to understand the sales potential of a place. Our consultants are able to identify the most suitable equipment for yoghurt, pastry, ice cream, bars and restaurants. Would you like to know more? Write us your project.
February 19, 2021