Imagine entering a bar, being pampered by the scent of croissants and being able to choose the filling on demand, even double, if the morning requires more sweetness. It must be a good feeling, and that's what the customers of Andrea's Bar Gian's 2.0 feel , the Ligurian manager who opened his restaurant in October 2020 despite the harsh times. With the goodness of Squeezita Andrea has become famous for his delicious breakfasts , let's discover his story.

Bar Gian's 2.0 is very young. How did this idea come about?

My aunt and I decided to challenge 2020 and open a bar in October last year. It is located in Taggia, in the province of Imperia and close to Sanremo, and we mainly offer breakfasts and lunches. We cover the midday break with sandwiches and then of course the first moment of the morning with coffee and croissants filled with Squeezita .

How did you hear about the Squeezita cream dispenser?

At Sigep 2019, when I was still working as an employee for another venue. Upon acquiring and opening my bar I remembered the lotion dispenser, and I was one of the first to use Squeezita in the area. Now I've almost completed the wall, because I have 5 flavors: wild berries, apricot, dark chocolate, white hazelnut and pistachio.

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Did this help differentiate the offer?

Certainly, customers are always fascinated. I have updated the showcase and when you enter the place they are in first sight together with the desserts. I also offer vegan and gluten free products so my goal was to really diversify from the classic bar.

You immediately understood the wow effect of Squeezita

Yes, I've always worked as a bartender and I immediately understood the potential of the dispenser. For example, most of the baked goods I buy are empty - brioches, donuts, pasticciotti. Every morning I stuff some with different flavors of Squeezita and garnish them with sprinkles and chocolate. So I show the customer the final result of the gourmet brioche and whet his hunger with a delicious presentation.
Pistachio croissant filled with Squeezita cream dispenser
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What factors won you over to Squeezita?

Initially the originality, because it is certainly a dispenser for creams different from the others. Then using it I really appreciated the visual effect and versatility. For example, I use Squeezita creams to decorate the edges of cups and make sophisticated cappuccinos. Last, but not least, savings. Having most of the products in the window not stuffed, I can have a good food cost/sales ratio .

You are very active on social networks, does Squeezita encourage online users to consume?

Yes sure! In fact, I recently wanted to invest in this aspect by calling a photographer to present the gourmet brioche online even better.

And we can't wait to feast our eyes on the preparations that Bar Gian's 2.0 has prepared with Squeezita. In the meantime, you can find out how to create a mobile workstation for take-away breakfast with Squeezita .
January 28, 2021