Rosso Pinsa, un’insegna simbolo dell’imprenditorialità smart

Rosso Pinsa, a symbol of smart entrepreneurship

Intelligent catering starts from actively listening to the customer: the owner of "Rosso Pinsa" tells us about his experience.
Linea Combi: la testimonianza soddisfatta di chi l’ha provato

Linea Combi: the satisfied testimony of those who have tried it

Local managers talk about the advantages of the Combi Wave and Combi Wave Smart professional electric oven.

Crêpes prepared on sight: the secret of Lilie's Club

Can a crêpes plate make a difference for a restaurant? The answer comes from Angelo Biondo, who prepared a 25-metre crêpe.
February 21, 2019
Non solo crudités: una cucina completa anche senza cappa

Not just crudités: a complete kitchen even without a hood

Take an example from the story of the Caveau restaurant in Milan, which decided not to give up hot dishes despite the kitchen without a chimney.

At TrentadueCafè, the innovative bar thanks to constant research

Andrea manages the Bar Al Trentaduecafè in Lodi, a place that has made the varied offer a point in its favour. From sweet to savory through crudités and sushi, Al TrentadueCafè are attentive to the latest news in the sector. Let's discover together with Andrea the strategies for an innovative bar in step with the latest trends.
January 19, 2017
Menù per serate a tema: la soluzione di Luci Coffee

Menu for themed evenings: the Luci Coffee solution

Offering a menu for themed evenings is simple for Jacopo Favero who runs a place that offers fast food services. He told us why he chose Combi Wave and its incredible practicality.
January 02, 2017
Roberta racconta il bar Festival e la passione per il lavoro

Roberta talks about the Festival bar and her passion for work

Roberta manages the Festival bar, a place set in a particular context: a petrol station characterized by its typical comings and goings. For this reason, Roberta relied on Techfood by purchasing Pastaland, a fast and versatile pasta cooking machine.
May 26, 2016