Andrea Ferrandino manages Al TrentadueCafè in Lodi, an innovative bar that has made the varied offer a plus point by proposing every type of dish. From sweet to savory through crudités and sushi, Al TrentadueCafè are attentive to the news of the sector. and for this reason they have chosen to rely on the experience of Techfood. Let's discover together with Andrea the strategies for a successful place, an innovative bar always in step with the latest trends.
Al TrentadueCafè is located in the center of Lodi. How important is the location for the success of a club?
It is a decidedly fundamental aspect, above all if one considers the quantity of tourists who could visit the area and therefore the constant increase in sales. The TrentadueCafè is located in the city centre, in a strategic position because it is close not only to the pedestrian area, but also to the car parks. It is an area of ​​passage and a meeting point, always very busy at any time.
Do you offer aperitifs with all kinds of themed menus, how do you come up with ideas for these evenings?
It's all flour from our sack. One of the last themed aperitifs we organized was dedicated to oysters and sea crudités, offered with wines designed for the occasion. We like to keep ourselves updated on the latest news in the catering sector to make the TrendadueCafè an innovative bar. Ours is a continuous search for innovative products and new companies to collaborate with. We try to always stay informed using the web or by participating in trade fairs dedicated to catering, these are a fundamental point for establishing new relationships. We are convinced that an innovative bar
The bar offers waffles and other desserts prepared with Rondò Unika . What is the winning aspect of this machine?
The best quality is feasibility, the ability to make several dishes in a short time. In a moment I prepare a crêpe, immediately after I can make a waffle satisfying every customer request without long waits and with just one machine. Rondò Unika is always a useful tool, from morning to night: we at TrentadueCafè use it for the preparation of sweet and savory dishes, covering the different requests of customers according to the time slot.
In the summer the place turns into a streety version, what do you offer in this case?
Our Al TrentadueCafè on the road currently has a Rondò Unika, so we mainly offer street food desserts such as crêpes, waffles and churros. Ice n Roll is also coming soon, which we are already excited about. We immediately understood the potential of this creamy ice cream machine, able to offer flavors of all kinds, surprising the customer. What we immediately liked about Ice n Roll is its spectacularity, the ice cream is prepared under the eyes of the customers, entertaining them. It's all studied down to the smallest detail: a scenic and quality ice cream, perfect for an innovative bar like ours, always attentive to novelties.
Andrea Ferrandino of the Al TrentadueCafè bar was able to see in Techfood's proposals the possibility of expanding the offer with imagination and taste and we at Techfood thank him for his trust, proud of having been able to exceed his expectations. To discover all the equipment that makes a bar innovative and to get more information on Rondò Unika and Ice n Roll, visit the section of our website dedicated to food machinery .
January 19, 2017