Combi Wave is the combined oven produced by Techfood which immediately won the trust of the starred chef Eugenia Botti of Sano Italiano . Eugenia runs a restaurant in the heart of Modena, where she offers traditional Italian dishes transformed into street food. A quick offer, which however looks to the quality of the products and to offer a unique experience to the customer. For this reason Eugenia has decided to rely on Combi Wave, a multifunctional combined oven equipped with turbo-ventilation, infrared and microwaves. Thanks to the technological combination, it is possible to cook, heat, defrost, toast, grill, temper, fry without oil and boil any food without affecting the quality of the proposed menu. Let's find out together with Eugenia Botti what are the benefits of a professional machine like Combi Wave and the advice for successful management of a restaurant.

Let's break the ice with taste, what does Sano Italiano offer?

The quality of tradition, transformed into street food. Simple things, with few genuine ingredients, sourdough, wholemeal flours, no preservatives or additives, to ensure that every food break is a light and tasty memory.

Sano Italiano is a recognized restaurant in Modena. What are the three qualities that cannot be missing for a successful business?

First of all professionalism, because by now the customer is attentive to details and demanding. So knowing how to do your job with dedication and passion is essential. Second, it is essential to have an original idea, because continuing to take inspiration from others and copying leads nowhere. And last but not least, the place and the equipment must be up to the gastronomic offer.

As a chef, why would you recommend the Combi Wave combi oven to restaurateurs?

Because it is evolution made machine. It's not just a combi oven, but an intelligent cooking system that adapts to any type of kitchen, allowing you to offer a large, varied menu and above all always made "on demand". This means expanding its offer, evolving with the customer who is always looking for new things.

What's your trump card with Combi Wave?

In my type of format and for what Sano Italiano offers, the Combi Wave combi oven allows you to have a kitchen in operation for all 16 hours of opening per day without interruptions. A real asset! Offering my client a perfect product, at the right cooking point, hot but not boiling, means proposing a positive experience. 

Summer is approaching, any advice to enhance the tastes of this season?

The end of spring and the beginning of summer is the right time to dare combinations and tastes, because everything is reborn and we feel more like getting involved. A wonderful snack: crunchy wholemeal toast, spread with light ricotta, a few thin slices of avocado and salmon, a squeeze of lime. Lively, satiating, it makes you happy just to look at it.

In your opinion, a good chef is one who ..

He knows how to listen to the customer and his needs, transforming them into unforgettable dishes. ;)
May 25, 2017