Green Garden Riccione is the bar managed by Esposito Tina that offers a non-stop service to its customers. From breakfast to the pre-disco snack, Tina has been able to exploit the winning position of her club to increase her success. Let's find out with her how she has improved her business with an ally in the kitchen for the preparation of quality dishes that are quick to prepare.

What does Green Garden Riccione offer?

Green Garden offers everything a bar offers, if not more. From breakfast to aperitifs through ice cream, but above all we are also open at night for pre-disco and post-disco. Having a place in Riccione it is important to consider these moments as a possibility of sale.

What is the moment of the day with the most turnout and how is it exploited in your favour?

The night and the morning are the best times for Green Garden Riccione, especially now that it's summer, these are the times when we have a lot of customers. We try to take advantage of the moment by proposing quick but good dishes such as sandwiches, brioches and donuts. However, even aperitifs are a time of day when there is a lot of turnout, and in this case we prepare ideal snacks and appetizers for happy hour with Combi Wave . I made the purchase to speed things up and offer more dishes, Combi Wave gives me the opportunity to offer an aperitif that is always hot and good.

What are the qualities of Combi Wave in your opinion?

The speed in preparing the dishes is essential for a bar with a large turnout and many requests. Before, it took me about three hours to cook a buffet for an aperitif, but now in less than an hour I have everything ready and many times I prepare the dishes on the spot.

Green Garden Riccione is located in a holiday area, how do you manage tourists?

Surely kindness and a smile are the basis that every exhibiting public must know and put into practice. Proposing yourself in a cordial way is the trump card. Green Garden as a café bar does not offer particular menus, but being available and warm as we Italians know how to do is enough to make tourists on holiday feel good.

An aspect that can never be missing in a successful bar?

Quality, preparing good dishes with quality products makes the difference in terms of sales and success. It is also important to try to always be innovative in the proposals and to keep up with the latest news in the sector.
Tina relied on Techfood's experience to increase her success and sales opportunities. Do you want to discover all the potential of Combi Wave? Follow this link .