Jacopo Favero manages Luci Coffee in San Vendemiano, in the province of Treviso. A family restaurant where he began to take his first steps to help his father, gaining more and more familiarity in the restaurant business. Luci Coffee above all offers fast food services such as breakfasts and aperitifs with menus for themed evenings, relying on the impeccable cooking of Combi Wave which in less than a minute and a half is able to prepare fries without oil.

What are the strengths of the venue?

At Luci Coffee we have our peak clientele in the morning for breakfast and from 18:00 to 20:00, a time slot mainly dedicated to aperitifs. It is located in a crossing point, for this reason it is very popular during the start and end times of work. We also have another strong point, which is the creation of menus for theme nights. For example, with Combi Wave we prepared chicken wings, they are among the most popular dishes.

What type of customers frequent Luci Coffee?

Being a place of passage and offering fast food services, our clientele is mainly made up of workers. But towards the evening the target range changes because young people are much more frequent, who come for the happy hour or to watch the football matches that we broadcast.

Do you follow sporting events, do you organize menus for themed evenings on these occasions?

Yes, it happened several times to come up with an offer that was themed for the evening. Last summer for the Italy-Germany match we proposed a German menu with frankfurters, sauerkraut, fries and beer. A light dish for July.

French fries without oil?

Yes, with Combi Wave. They are in great demand for their lightness, although cooking does not change their typical flavour. In addition to fries, fried chicken wings are snapped up. We have prepared plenty in recent months, discovering that some customers came to have an aperitif with us to taste the wings. Every time we offer them for the buffet we cook about 5/6 kg. Customers are really crazy.

What is the added value of Combi Wave?

It is an extremely practical oven for quick catering. Many dishes can be prepared in a short time with a good result. My father and I have another place besides Luci Coffee in San Vendemiano and we decided to take another Combi Wave for ease of use and record timing.
Jacopo was able to test the speed and cooking quality of Combi Wave, the multifunction oven that allows you to reduce the preparation time of a dish while maintaining high quality standards. If you are interested in trying the Combi Wave innovation in fast food, come and visit us at Sigep in Rimini from 21 to 25 January in pavilion D2 stand 24.
January 02, 2017