Sonia and Erion have been the managers of the Pizzeria Il Pizzicotto for about a year, they will soon blow out the first candle from the opening day of the place. A pizzeria and "appetizer" - as Sonia pointed out on the phone - located near the crystal clear coasts of the Adriatic coast in Porto Sant'Elpidio (FM). A venue that has made speed one of its strengths thanks to Combi Twist and Techfood's experience in the catering field.

What does your venue offer?
The place was initially born as a pizzeria by the slice, in the first months we only offered a menu with pizzas. Then we decided to vary the offer with the appetizer department, therefore fried appetizers prepared with Combi Twist. In the menu we also wanted to give space to local products, both from the Marche and Umbria. So there are many dishes offered with processed meats, as tradition dictates, such as cured meats and cold cuts. Obviously the Umbrian porchetta cannot be missing!

How important is speed in a takeaway place?

Speed ​​is everything to us. Together with the quality of the product, being quick in preparing dishes is essential. The customers themselves expect a certain timing different from that of the restaurant. To organize ourselves, we accept reservations with the aim of having everything ready when the customer arrives at the venue.

What is the best quality of Combi Twist in your opinion?
Combi Twist has allowed us to expand our offer, this is already a plus for the machine. The greatest quality is the frying without oil which makes the dishes light, without taking away from the flavor or losing quality. The oven allows food to be dried without making it greasy or difficult to digest.

The restaurant is located in an area near the sea, it is a strategic position.
Yes, plus it's located in a square that will become very lively in a few days. From July 7th to 13th we will have almost a week of celebration in Porto Sant'Elpidio, on Sunday July 10th Fausto Leali will also be there.

What do holiday customers prefer to eat?
That's a question I can't answer right now. We opened in July last year, in the middle of the high season for tourism in the Adriatic Sea. At that time we focused on selling pizzas, then later we decided to expand the menu with Combi Twist. This is the real trial year, so I can answer you in September (laughs, ed).

So let's wait to know what will be the favorite appetizers of Italians and foreigners on holiday. In the meantime, we wish an almost happy birthday to the Pizzeria il Pizzicotto in Porto Sant'Elpidio.

July 01, 2016