Roberta manages bar Festival , a bar located a few kilometers from the coast of the Adriatic Sea in the province of Fermo. The restaurant is a point of reference for the inhabitants of Fermo who work near the area and a place of passage for all those who stop to fill up. Bar Festival is in fact placed in a particular context: a petrol station characterized by its typical comings and goings. For this reason, Roberta relied on Techfood by purchasing Pastaland , a fast and versatile pasta cooking machine. We had a chat with Roberta to find out more about her work and her bar.

What are the strengths of the venue?
Definitely the breakfast, in particular the cappuccinos which are much requested by customers in the morning accompanied by croissants of every taste. Another important moment for the Festival bar is the aperitif. The bar is located next to a service station and it very often happens that after work, before or after having filled up, many customers stop for happy hour. I've also recently started using your Pastaland and I'm sure that soon even the first courses will become one of the strong points of the place.

What are the positive aspects of Pastaland?
It is a pasta cooking machine that allows you to have a first course in a short time, without ever compromising on quality. It is also convenient because it is not large, for a bar it is important to calculate the spaces well.

Among the dishes on offer, do some respect the Marche tradition?
Yes, even if most of the time I use the classic Barilla sauces such as tomato or amatriciana. I am in contact with Barilla thanks to Techfood, after the purchase of the pasta cooker I was put in contact with the company. However, sometimes I like to prepare ragù at home with the Marche recipe which is different from the Bolognese one. Many types of meat are used such as chicken, beef and pork giving a very tasty and intense taste. To vary the menu, I change a recipe every day, for example today I prepared, in addition to the usual pastas, one flavored with speck and zucchini. Many customers who come to have lunch frequently appreciate a differentiated offer, it's a bit like being their mother.

How important is the relationship with customers?

My clients, especially those who frequent the bar often, are like family to me. My goal is to offer them good quality dishes, to make them feel at home. For this reason I try to vary the menu by proposing new recipes every day.

Bar Festival is getting a makeover, how will the new bar area be furnished?
There will be no shortage of flower beds to make the service area where the restaurant is located lively. I would like to create them with vases created with recycled wheels, but I still have to decide whether to dye them white or more colors. Given the context of the gas station, flower beds made with old wheels are perfect.

We thank Roberta for her availability and for the passion she puts into her work and in the meantime we are waiting to see how the new Festival bar area will be furnished.

May 26, 2016