A close-knit staff, excellent organization and a pinch of advertising
We continue the #baristidentro column dedicated to colleagues who make our breaks more effervescent. Today we have a chat with Luana, owner together with her sister-in-law Maria Teresa of the Bottega del Turista in Piazza Lord Byron on the Marmore Falls.
Luana, a lot of practical sense and a nice and ringing voice. The Bottega del Turista, which he owns together with Maria Teresa, has an external expanse with a breathtaking view just above the Marmore waterfall and a small kitchen carved into the rock. Luana and Maria Teresa's restaurant is a place that has now become a must for anyone visiting the wonderful waterfalls.
What kind of menu do you offer?
We have a little bit of everything, from classic sandwiches, such as hot dogs and hamburgers to more traditional ones from our area. In fact, we have sandwiches with Umbrian porchetta or Umbrian sausage. Then again stuffed olives, pizza, chips. We focus on a simple cuisine that offers dishes from our tradition, much appreciated by tourists, but also by locals.
What are the aspects you like most about this job?
Contact with people, always getting to know different people. We have many customers here who come from all over the world. From the very young of the school groups, to foreign tourists. This year also many from Eastern Europe. But that's not all, I also really like the practical aspects of my job, such as organization.
And the negatives?
I don't know, it's a job I do with a lot of passion. It's true sometimes you work for many hours at a time and this can be very tiring. But you are always repaid with great satisfaction.
What do you think a club needs to attract foreign customers?
I can tell you what worked for us: advertising. From this year we have included very colorful menus at the beginning of the street. There are many tourists who stop to look at them and then once they arrive they already know what they will find in our restaurant. We have taken great care of the graphics, the panels are clearly visible and very clear to consult. And then the photos. The photos are real of our sandwiches and dishes, they are not taken from image databases. This aspect of reality helps the customer a lot especially if he is a foreigner to choose, knowing full well what he will be served. We have not neglected the texts either, reporting the ingredients for each dish very clearly.
You prepare many dishes in a rather small environment. What's your secret? Can you reveal it?
Organization and harmony. The staff must be very close-knit and above all in the moments of greatest turnout an excellent organization, everyone has his own task. There are those who take the orders, those who heat the sandwiches, those who are in the oven. The new COMBI TWIST PLUS oven has helped us a lot in saving space and preparing many different foods. But above all it set us apart for our specialty: the heated porchetta sandwich! This also happened to me in person, many local customers come back to us because our porchetta sandwich is warmed up and crunchy, while the others serve it cold.
Thank you Luana for this nice interview from the #baristidentro series. Greetings to all from the splendid Marmore waterfalls!
October 08, 2015