Today we propose the case of Poldo's tavern , which can be a useful reference for anyone who wants to open a sandwich shop. A fast-food restaurant attentive to design and conviviality, an example of a growing company that focuses on "genuine taste". Here is the interview made to our client to tell you the reasons for his success in Tuscany.
 What is Poldo's Tavern?
"La taverna di Poldo", a brand born in Tuscany, is establishing itself as a new concept of fast-food: attentive to the conviviality and pleasure of food but with reasonable prices. A modern environment with an original design, conceived and designed by the architect Massimo Mariani. Colors and shades chase each other to synthesize in a constantly evolving language. The classic style of the tavern is thus played down by the contemporary material, enriched by original elements and backlit mirrors that give light and depth to the spaces. Open seven days a week from 11 to 3 it is a welcoming meeting place where you can rediscover the pleasure of genuine flavours.
Six points of sale in 5 Tuscan cities, how many years ago did this business start and what are the prospects for future development?
Doing business is always a bet between employment and development. We enter this perspective convinced of the potential of the brand and strongly motivated by the investment made in these new premises in Empoli, Signa, Viareggio, Lucca and Livorno. In just a few years, since 2011, the brand has become a guarantee of professionalism and experience.
What is your flagship product?
The hamburger bun. Maximum attention to product traceability, from identifying the best suppliers to finding the most natural ingredients available in the area, careful and accurate selection of vegetables, bread and meats. The products are fresh and certified.
What is most important to your audience? What they choose you for?
They choose us for the variety of products and for our team, able to welcome customers with courtesy and cordiality, offering a young and dynamic style.
Salty vs sweet, a difficult choice to which you answered with "Sweet Poldo". To produce some of your specialities, you use Techfood products: which ones did you choose and what is your experience in this regard?
We use the Techfood product for cooking crêpes, to be filled with a large variety of creams, chocolates and fruit. They are practical and fast machines that allow us to satisfy many customers in a short time.