Today we want to tell you about our meeting with Saverio Columbia Verdicchio, an entrepreneur from Venafrio in the province of Isernia, who, with his innovative ideas for bars, opened Fantasy a few months ago, a new very central place open 24 hours a day.
Good morning, Saverio, can you tell us how the idea of ​​opening Fantasy came about?
I have been involved in food and beverages all my life.
I started working in retail shops when I was 18, then over time, I moved into the wholesale of fresh and frozen products for bars and restaurants. I've always had the desire to open a bar, and the occasion was the great aptitude of my daughter Ilaria, for everything that mixes cooking with innovation. We studied the market and developed our business idea for about a year and then on June 13th we opened Fantasy .
What is it that characterizes this place?
First of all we are in the central course of Venafrio and we are open 24 hours a day and this allows us, by differentiating the offer, to be a point of reference for very different publics.
We have also focused on the innovation of the offer, and thanks to the Techfood machines we have begun to offer products that until now no one here had offered.
What cars are you talking about?
We purchased a YO4ME and a Choco Kebab (links to product pages). We have developed two corners inside the venue, both visible from the windows, and in the first we have placed the Choco Kebab alongside a showcase with artisan ice creams, while on the other counter the YO4ME is flanked by the croissant, another of our flagship products.
How is the public response to your offer?
Venafrio's public is very interested, young people, ladies and families are starting to arrive even from the surrounding villages. Frozen yogurt and frozen yogurt are unusual products for our customers, not to mention that the Choco Kebab is very intriguing. I invented a personal variation, the Choco Pizza Fantasy, which is becoming very popular. We consume about a cylinder of Choco Kebab every 6 days and we sell between 150 and 200 mini-portions of Yo4me per day.
It's still early to make predictions but I'm very happy because the activity seems to have started in the best possible way.
We send our best wishes to Saverio and we hope that our machines are the cause of his success.