Wake up early, lots of memory and a 10 cum laude coffee
The #baristidentro column dedicated to colleagues who make our breaks more effervescent begins. Let's start with a woman well known in Reggio Emilia for her professionalism.
Francesca Martini - short hair, blue eyes, few words but a smile for everyone - has been a bartender at the Kaffe in via Fornaciari - in the heart of Reggio Emilia - for almost six years. Known by many people from Reggio, she talks about her experience and reveals some secrets. The place where it is located is one of the most popular bars in the city for the goodness of the coffee served and for the organic products on sale (pasta, drinks and fine blends). The place where he works has by now become an obligatory stop for a regenerating break while shopping on market days or a break for the many professionals in the historic centre.
How many years have you been working as a bartender?
I started working in a bar in February 2004 but in the historic center only since 2009. I chose this profession by chance: a friend of mine had bought a bar and needed help, I didn't like my job, so I threw myself into it. .
What are the qualities that a bartender must have?
Surely you need a lot of patience in handling customers especially during peak hours when everyone is in a hurry and nobody wants to wait. Always with customers you need to have a memory because, when they enter a bar for their coffee or cappuccino, they are happy if called by name. It also requires a spirit of sacrifice, precision and a great desire to work.
What are the aspects you like most about this job?
Even if I speak little, I always like meeting new people. Listening to customers' confidences allows me to travel, discover stories, confront myself with different worlds. All from behind my counter.
And the negatives?
The downsides are always a subjective feeling: for me the many hours of standing and the absence of holidays. For this you need to have a great desire to work.
What is the secret to good coffee?
The perfect cup is a set of attentions that every barista should have: first of all the grinding of the blend, then a thorough daily cleaning of the machine is essential, the dosage of the stroke for each cup which allows you to obtain a creamy coffee and, finally, the hand given by experience. Obviously you need products such as coffee, milk and water of excellent quality.
What don't you love when you walk into a coffee shop you don't work at?
Surely the presumption of those who think that knowledge, attention and skill are not needed to do this job.
You are known for always being very serious and of few words: do you reveal to your fans a secret side of yourself?
[laughs] I love risk and when I can I bungee jump or jump from a parachute. I enjoy it a lot, my mom less so.
Thank you Francesca for the first interview of the #baristidentro series. See you at the next coffee!
June 19, 2015
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