What we want to tell you today is a very successful example of Simple Point , the mini shop that Techfood has been offering for years to customers who want to create a new business in a simple and innovative way.
We're in the beautiful Montecarlo train station and we're talking about the Art Cafè, the refreshment point where all Monegasques traveling stop for a coffee, a drink and something to eat.
Mr. Sotiris Varoutsikos , Greek by origin, but an entrepreneur in Montecarlo for years, has taken advantage of our format to start his business which is currently opening the second space inside the station.
These are modular and compact refreshment points, which are assembled in 5 hours, and are equipped with all the necessary technology from refrigerators and freezers to ovens and coffee machines.
The Art Cafè, Espresso Bar de Qualité , offers breakfasts and snacks, hot and cold drinks, juices, cafeteria also to take away, as well as piadine, focaccia and Italian first courses. All that can be asked of a bar for short stops by travelers in transit.
We have followed all the phases of the opening of this activity, from the design and adaptation to the customer's needs, up to the on-site assembly of the structures and for us its success and the opening of the second corner is of great satisfaction.