Non solo pizza: come variare l’offerta di una pizzeria

Not just pizza: how to vary the offer of a pizzeria

Are you looking for new ideas for pizzerias and snack bars? Enrich your menu with Choco Burger, as Salti in Bocca di Gallipoli did. Find out more.
April 15, 2024
Rosso Pinsa, un’insegna simbolo dell’imprenditorialità smart

Rosso Pinsa, a symbol of smart entrepreneurship

Intelligent catering starts from actively listening to the customer: the owner of "Rosso Pinsa" tells us about his experience.
Linea Combi: la testimonianza soddisfatta di chi l’ha provato

Linea Combi: the satisfied testimony of those who have tried it

Local managers talk about the advantages of the Combi Wave and Combi Wave Smart professional electric oven.
Ristorazione veloce ad alta quota: Lo Yeti di Cervinia

Fast food at high altitude: The Yeti of Cervinia

Fast food is a challenge for every venue, but seasonality binds some pubs more. The Yeti has broken free with the Combi Wave Smart.
October 22, 2021
Come sbarazzarti di friggitrice e piastra con Combi Wave

How to get rid of fryer and plate with Combi Wave

In every town there is a historic restaurant, which we become attached to as if it were a trusted friend. In Como, that historic place is Arnold's Pub, a brewery...
September 17, 2021
Hamburger in tempi record con Combi Twist

Burgers in record time with Combi Twist

Combi Twist is the professional oven that cooks every dish in a short time. Find out why it's perfect for a brewery kitchen.
February 15, 2018
Il kebab di pesce, un gusto nuovo che prende piede

The fish kebab, a new taste that is taking hold

The fish kebab, how to offer it, at what prices, in what context. We talk about it with Edward Housni, owner of a kebab shop in the center of Genoa.
Vuoi aprire una paninoteca? Ecco un esempio di successo: La Taverna di Poldo

Do you want to open a sandwich shop? Here is a successful example: Poldo's Tavern

Today we propose the case of Poldo's tavern , which can be a useful reference for anyone who wants to open a sandwich shop. A fast-food restaurant attentive to design...
Trasformare un bar in una caffetteria di successo: i consigli di Peter Baskerville

Turning a bar into a successful café: advice from Peter Baskerville

Professor Peter Baskerville, in a Forbes article, tells us how to transform a bar into a successful café.