The Lo Yeti pub was born 38 years ago in Cervinia-Valtournenche, a town at about 2000 meters above sea level in the province of Aosta. Since then, it has welcomed young tourists and residents who find in the club, as in the locality, a space for relaxation and sport. The Yeti is today a historic business, a source of great pride for the manager Maurizio Bruzzone, his wife Myriam and their son Davory.
We met them in person at a trade fair in 2019 , where they saw the potential of Combi Wave Smart up close. Since then, they have never done without it. Let's get to know them better.

Why The Yeti?

We decided to call the place Lo Yeti for two very simple reasons: the legendary creature symbol of the mountain and the snow; and its international fame which could be a good omen. After all, who doesn't know the yeti?

Introduce us to your snow creature, then, Maurizio

The Yeti was born from an idea of ​​two young people for young people. My partner at the time and I wanted to create a place that reconciled good beer and quick food for socializing, so we opened a pub equipped with a giant screen. At that time in Valtournenche there was no other place similar to ours. The result gave us great satisfaction. Today, as then, the Yeti is characterized by a warm and welcoming style, an informal character and the ability to entertain its guests.

How has Techfood technology supported your business?

I got to know Techfood thanks to sector magazines, but it was at the fair that, after having tried and evaluated the products, I decided to choose your oven. Of Combi Wave Smart I particularly appreciate the speed of execution and the quality of the same, the convenience of cleaning and the ability to contain fumes and odors.

The speed of execution is a very important feature for us because, by projecting sporting events on large screens, we often see customers arriving at the same time to follow the event. Thanks to Combi Wave Smart, we have halved product preparation times , speeded up service and reduced customer waits .

What foods do you prepare with the Combi Wave Smart oven?

In our pub we accompany the vast assortment of draft and bottled beers with typical products of fast food. Combi Wave Smart has proved to be an invaluable tool for preparing hot sandwiches , hamburgers , sausages and cutlets .

In your opinion, Maurizio, what is the secret to a successful restaurant?

In our case, the constant presence was certainly a rewarding element. Although the impact of seasonality is strong in our areas, we have never underestimated the shoulder seasons . Opening throughout the year has allowed us to become the reference venue for both locals and Italian and foreign tourists who frequent the area in winter and summer.
And we at Techfood are proud to have facilitated the daily work of the Yeti with technological innovation and freed it from seasonality. Do you also want to get to know the potential of Combi Wave Smart in person, as happened to Maurizio? We look forward to seeing you at HOST 2021 in PAD 13 STAND B10.
October 22, 2021