Our trip to Italy in search of those who have chosen Techfood technology took us to Puglia, facing the Adriatic Sea, in the Margherita di Savoia area where Michele Riontino's Marconi ice cream parlor is located.

Artisanal, ambitious, attentive: the Marconi Gelateria

The history of Marconi is the history of the Riontino family, who decided to open an ice cream parlor three generations ago. The Gelateria has the advantage of being careful, ambitious and rigorously artisanal. Michele Riontino explains:
  • It is artisanal by choice. The production method , as well as the choice of raw materials adopted, respond to Michele Riontino's desire to offer an excellent product.
  • It is ambitious , like those who manage it. The entrepreneur himself and his wife constantly follow specialization and refresher courses to then successfully respond to customer demand. The last course followed was in the chocolate shop.
  • It is attentive to customer preferences because it satisfies preferences with diversified products such as ice cream cones, frozen desserts, crêpes and cakes.
The owner's decision to have diversified product solutions allows the ice cream parlor to meet more preferences and therefore to respond to a wider demand to maximize seasonal profits.

Technology and personnel: the trump cards for a successful season

Beyond the product choices, seasonal business owners, such as those who decide to open an ice cream parlor, must make important assessments regarding technological work tools and staff to maximize profits.

For the production of crêpes , Gelateria Marconi has adopted our Rondò Complex plate. “I already knew Techfood and we went to the fair on purpose to buy the professional crêpes machine,” said Michele Riontino.
The specialization in chocolate allows the entrepreneur to offer a wide range of fillings for crêpes with a chocolate base and with multiple combinations; but it is the Rondò Complex technology that makes the use of the machine easy and the service fast .
rondo complex
In fact, the simplicity of use and cooking in 30 seconds are the aspects that the owner of the ice cream parlor appreciated the most because they are relevant in managing numerous customers in a short time .

In summary, we shared with the Apulian entrepreneur that to maximize profits during the seasonal openings there are mainly three choices to pay attention to: the variety of products offered, attention to production tools and the professionalism of the staff.

What if it's an annual opening or a Christmas food truck? Our solution for production potential and technology is the same, Rondò Complex and Rondò Unika for crêpes, pancakes, waffles, donuts and churros, as well as wraps, pita bread, tortillas, durum, omelettes and focaccias. Request more information.
November 11, 2021