Cooking frozen food in a short time and with an impeccable final result is a possible challenge, even in a shopping centre . We talked about it with Umile Polverazzi, manager of the Arena Caffè bar.

L'Arena Caffè, food express in a crowded place
The Arena Caffè opens in Bisignano, in the province of Cosenza. Where there was once a historic district, there is now a shopping center, a place where Umile Polverazzi's business evolves and distinguishes itself. A welcoming and familiar environment, managed by the owner and his collaborators - the same since the opening of the restaurant - which since 2011 has become a point of reference, and a meeting place, in the small Calabrian town.
The management of the Bisignano bar is based on three main commitments: the quality of the products offered, the quality of the approach to the customer and the quality of the technological choices because, as Umile claims: « quality in food always pays off » .

The Arena Combi Wave: one for all, all in one
When Umile was looking online for a valid solution for cooking frozen foods , he found the answer in Techfood and the Combi Wave oven . Its location in a shopping centre, characterized by numerous but staggered accesses, requires the Arena Caffè to have a certain flexibility in responding to irregular demand . The rapid production with Techfood technology has thus made it possible to go beyond croissants for breakfast to an aperitif before lunch with focaccia and panzerotti, from lunch with hamburgers, cutlets and chips to an evening aperitif.

Speed ​​in cooking frozen foods , reduction of waste , reduction of counter stocks are the benefits that Umile appreciates most about Combi Wave, but the plus that most excites him is the guarantee of a quality standard in the production result , regardless of the operator who uses the oven and its professional specialization.
Thus, the Combi Wave oven supports the entire Arena Caffè team in vent-free cooking to meet the high and varied demand and at all times of the day. Find out more about the Combi Wave multifunction oven and request contact from one of our consultants.
December 16, 2021