We have said a lot about the ovens of the Combi line, and in this article we let those who use Combi Wave and Combi Wave Smart speak every day for their premises. Here, then, are the 5 advantages of Techfood cooking systems according to bar and club managers.

Cooking 20 times faster

The speed of execution is one of the first advantages that surprise venue managers. Cooking is 20 times faster than with a traditional professional electric oven , guaranteeing immediate preparation times.
It is no coincidence that Maurizio Bruzzone, owner of Lo Yeti in Cervinia, relies on Combi Wave Smart to guarantee an efficient service in his high-altitude pub.
“Speed ​​is a very important feature for us because we show sporting events on big screens and many customers arrive at the same time. Thanks to Combi Wave Smart we have halved the preparation time for hot sandwiches, hamburgers, sausages and cutlets, speeded up service and reduced customer waits.”

No requirement for a chimney

Whether for structural or business reasons, not all establishments can afford to install an extraction system. And precisely to meet this need we have developed the Techfood line of professional ovens that do not necessarily require a flue . The infrared function makes the dishes crispy, avoiding generating fumes, so Combi Wave or Combi Wave Smart can be placed in any type of activity.
An extraordinary example of installation is that of fruit and vegetables, L'Oasi del Lupo , which has been joined by a fast food corner.
“With Combi Wave Smart we cook American toast, sandwiches, burgers and chips, cutlets, onion rings, stuffed olives. We have also launched a savory take away proposal. It's going so much, that they're asking for takeaway even from neighboring countries."

burger and fries served at the bar and cooked in a professional electric oven

All day long offer

The heating speed of the Combi ovens allows you to be very reactive when a customer request is made, at any time of the day. For example, Fabio Boldoni of Oronero Cafè discovered the flexibility of Combi Wave :
“We offer fries and other appetizers for an aperitif. Furthermore, in our menu we also offer the schnitzel for lunch and dinner. All these dishes are fried without oil with Combi Wave, to make them lighter, a significant added value.”

Less equipment in the kitchen

The ovens of the Combi line also allow a place to reduce the equipment in the kitchen , with a positive effect on the bill. This is also confirmed by Gianni Fortunato, manager of the historic Arnold's Pub in Como:
“Combi Wave has replaced 2 microwaves, 3 air fryers and 1 classic sandwich maker. We use the oven to prepare burgers, chicken wings, nuggets and cod fillets; cook vegetables; and fry chips and croquettes to prepare quickly and combine with our selection of beers. Sandwiches are exceptional, whether they are made with fresh or frozen bread. With Combi Wave the result is very crunchy and soft.”

sandwich with selected and regional ingredients prepared with a professional electric oven

Gourmet without specialized personnel

The Florentine restaurant BirraGourmet by Lorenzo Mazzarini makes Tuscan culture the special ingredient of its dishes. It combines tradition and innovation to make gourmet sandwiches with quality products, but without the need for specialized personnel . It is an extra value for establishments with employees with minimal preparation knowledge, despite the fact that the final result is high.
“We don't just offer the classic hamburger. For example, on the menu we have a gourmet sandwich with artisan pork sausage, caramelized onion, DOP pecorino cheese and mustard; or a crouton with lamprey. Cured meats and cold cuts are all from the area, as is the meat chosen for our dishes.”

Which commercial electric oven is right for you?

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