Smart catering starts from actively listening to the customer. This is what emerges from the story of the experience of Andrea Lo Puzzo , a Calabrian entrepreneur who manages 3 restaurants in the province of Cosenza.
The diversification of Andrea's premises has found the winning answer to the satisfaction of his customers in the combination of various equipment for quick catering .
We will see how Combi Wave, Squeezita, Streety and Ice N Roll dialogue, guided by the restaurateur, in a harmonious and flexible offer strategy.

3 places, 1 vocation: pinsa

Rosso Pinsa is a concept born from the union of the passion for authenticity and the specialization of the product, precisely the pinsa.
Thus Andrea Lo Puzzo introduces his entrepreneurial activity which develops between Corigliano-Rossano and Marina di Sibari, on the eastern side of Calabria.

Rosso Pinsa has two offices: a permanent one in a shopping center and a seasonal one in the seaside resort of Marina di Sibari. In both places, the response to customer needs is fast food , from breakfast to dinner.
Rosso Pinsa also has an alter ego, which differs only in the type of service, is Te Gusta, an evening venue with table service.

The pinsa is certainly the workhorse of Andrea's premises, but his counter offer is varied for products prepared and sold. This is why he found in Combi Wave an indispensable support in cooking other foods such as hamburgers, chips, Neapolitan sandwiches, panzerotti and arancini.

The speed and quality guaranteed by this tool make the countertop oven one of the pieces of equipment for fast catering, indispensable for guaranteeing an excellent response to the needs of the demand in the Rosso Pinsa area, places of transit for customers.
Rosso Pinsa, a symbol of smart entrepreneurship

The bidding strategy beyond the grip

«However, under the Techfood brand, I not only have the Combi Wave oven», Andrea was keen to point out, «I also bought the Squeezita dispensers, the Streety station and the plate for creaming Ice N Roll ice cream.»

To tell us how these products interact with each other, he explained to us that his priority is to satisfy the customer during all phases of the day and with diversified products , customers who for the entrepreneur from Cosenza are mostly regulars.

Thus, he uses the Squeezita dispensers at breakfast to fill brioches but also at dinner for his sweet pinsa proposals . And it bought the Streety station to give Te Gusta customers and others the opportunity to enjoy an Ice N Roll as a dessert in the square, outdoors, during the warm months.

«It is active listening to customers that guides my entrepreneurial choices and that gives me back satisfaction» thus Andrea Lo Puzzo closed the pleasant chat with him and translated our mission into an example of success, the efficient operations of bartenders and restaurateurs thanks to the equipment for fast catering.
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