The equipment of an ice cream parlor can itself become a strongly characterizing design element of the place, above all if it allows the production of ice cream to be turned into a show .
This is what we learn from the story of Tommaso Pernici , Techfood customer and CEO of GeloStandard, who created the VALE 03 format.
VALE 03 , as we will see, is a synthesis of results born from research and technological innovation , which reconciles product development with streamlined management and which is characterized by the design context .

From GeloStandard to GeloLab, ice cream becomes a Show

Tommaso Pernici's experience in the ice cream equipment sector is proven by the success of GeloStandard , a company specialized in the production of professional display cases for ice cream and pastry shops , based in Italy and in North America; and from GeloLab which offers functional solutions for the conservation , production and display of ice cream .

The product that signs the authority of the aforementioned brands in the world of ice cream is ShowLab , which is both a patented batch freezer for producing ice cream on sight , and a fine piece of furniture for the ice cream shop. ShowLab, in its Hybrid version, features nitrogen cooling.

GeloStandard, GeloLab and Techfood come into contact thanks to the reference of a contact who highlighted three main characteristics in common in the companies : advanced technology , high performance and guaranteed quality .

Vale 03 was born from the skills of GeloStandard, which is also able to provide furnishing solutions and made-to-measure furnishings for premises, and from the entrepreneurial spirit of Tommaso Pernici and his family .
Vale 03 ice cream parlor in Viareggio

Vale 03, the format beyond the ice cream shop

Vale 03 is a new activity that will be inaugurated in February 2022 on the Viareggio promenade.
It was born where there was an ice cream parlor for over 15 years, but immediately showed a more ambitious character .

Tommaso Pernici tells us that ice cream certainly represents the flagship product, but Vale 03 is also able to respond to the demand for yoghurt , smoothies, waffles and crêpes - thanks to Rondò Unika - and quick meals with a food line of and seafood second courses , produced locally.

According to the entrepreneur, diversification is an important lever for the success of an ice cream parlor and is compatible with simple management thanks to technology. In fact, making use of technologically advanced food machines makes it possible to create quality products in a short time and in small spaces - neither Rondò Unika nor Show-Lab need a dedicated laboratory.

The success is then amplified by the possibility of making the production spectacular and surprising the customer with a freshly prepared product .
waffles, crepes, bubble waffles
Do you want to expand the product offer of your ice cream shop, keeping the management of your place simple and flexible following the example of Vale 03? Contact us to learn about the most useful ice cream equipment solutions for businesses like yours.