I attribute to bars and ice cream parlors an added value for fast catering equipment, proven by the experience of businesses such as Caffè Santa Barbara.

We talked about it with Jeffry Errante, founding partner of the restaurant and ambitious restaurateur, who told us why according to him the secret for a successful restaurant lies in research and purchases.
savory croissant with ham

Il Caffè ice cream-cocktail shop ready for quick catering

Caffè Santa Barbara opened a year ago in the historic center of Vicenza and takes its name from the Contrà where the business is located.
The two partners Jeffry Errante and Giovanni Innocenti founded the ice cream bar, two entrepreneurs with considerable experience in the sector and perfectly balanced as one specialized in ice cream - J. Errante boasts an experience of over 30 years - the other he is an expert in cocktails and cafeteria - G. Innocenti has been working in bars for 15 years.

Caffè Santa Barbara is characterized by elegance , in harmony with the historical context in which it is inserted; by variety of the proposed offer , as we will see shortly; and for attention to the quality of the products , such as the 100% natural raw materials for the ice creams.

But what makes the ice cream bar an example of flexible entrepreneurship is the ability to become a refreshment stop for customers at all stages of the day , in addition to the specialization in the cafeteria, ice cream parlor and cocktail service, also thanks to the equipment for quick catering .

santa barbara coffee

Ambitious place, successful laboratory

«We are always ready to reinvent ourselves and create something new from mature experience. - Jeffry Errante told us - We make continuous development one of our strengths.»
With this spirit, in addition to the cafeteria offer, the bar has developed a wide range of savory solutions , especially for the aperitif, which ranges from small pizzas, to canapés, to savory croissants.
«And in view of the summer, we intend to implement first and second courses on the menu as well .» - continued the entrepreneur.

Thus, to support the production laboratory , the members of Caffè Santa Barbara have chosen the Combi Wave among the catering equipment because it is compact , it fits easily even in a small-sized environment; intuitive , it can also be used by those who have no previous experience in cooking food; and useful for making many dishes.

«With us, all the members of the team learn to do everything, for this reason we had no doubts and at the fair we chose the Techfood professional oven .» - added the restaurateur.
Choosing valid and trustworthy collaborators is important not only for the quality of the work carried out but also because, being able to delegate some activities, ambitious entrepreneurs such as the members of Caffè Santa Barbara have free time to devote to research and development .

If you too, like Jeffry Errante and Giovanni Innocenti, believe that the first profit for a business is given by quality purchases, contact us and receive more information on our equipment for quick catering.
March 31, 2022