Raise your hand if you don't like ice cream. It is known, especially when it is of excellent quality and prepared with care and dedication, that it is confirmed as a real delight for the palate.
If we add deep knowledge of the sector, entrepreneurial spirit and initiative, we get a historical reality like Viel Gelati.
It is precisely with Livia, one of the owners, that we spoke today.

How and when was your gelateria born?

The history of Viel ice cream parlors began in the 1940s, when my father and his brother left Quantin, a small mountain town in the province of Belluno, for Milan. Here they began to sell ice cream on mobile carts that traveled the entire city and then parked in front of the schools. The step from there to opening the shop in Piazza Diaz was almost inevitable. After so long we are still one of the leading gelaterias in Milan. You can find us in Corso Buenos Aires.

If you had to use 3 adjectives to describe Viel, which ones would you use?

Certainly tasty. Then colored, we like to cheer. And finally in step with the times. We constantly renew ourselves and study to always improve.

How did you hear about Techfood?

This is easy! At Sigep about fifteen years ago. It was love at first sight.

What Techfood products do you use and what do you like about them?

Right now Rondò Complex , I really like it. Although I've tried so many, the crêpe dough remains my all-time favourite. It's sweet, works well and lasts two days without spoiling. I hate waste and I think it's a fundamental element!
Before the lockdown I used Choco Kebab ; I find it an excellent product and plan to stock up again in 2023 but, due to Covid, I had to take a break.
My advice? Also plan supplies of smaller refills. For businesses like ours that offer Choco Kebab as a pairing or alternative to ice cream they would be perfect.

Why not try Choco then, the integrated Choco Burger and Choco Kebab solution? It comfortably houses the 5 kg cylinder and allows you to expand the offer.

Last question: what is the secret to a successful business?

Having a quality product that is always fresh. This distinguishes us from our competitors and it matters a lot. There are those who prepare the crêpes in the morning and heat them every time they are ordered. We prepare them instantly.
The enthusiasm with which Livia talks about her business is contagious. The possibilities are endless, but it is only thanks to the love for one's work that an activity becomes a winner.
Do you want to know which Techfood instruments are right for you and how to combine them? Write to us for a consultation.
May 19, 2022