Not a shop, not a playground, but a child-friendly reconstruction of the real world. Kidsopoly is the smallest city in the world, founded in Livorno by the Italian-American entrepreneur Joe Tarantola.
Always a hairdresser, as little attentive to fashion as he is empathetic and interested in the satisfaction of those around him.
This is why, after 25 years of experience and 16 beauty salons and training schools, he has decided to launch an absolutely new and original project .
A small town where the baby haircut service is flanked by the "princess cottage" for make-up and nails in the Disney style, a "freaky store" with gadgets and merchandising featuring the most popular characters of the moment, a bank reserved for the little ones, plenty of room for food and more.
The so-called "fun food" is in fact the master, to ensure that an experience such as a haircut, generally seen in a boring way, can be transformed into pure fun.
Who wouldn't dream of dressing up for the summer munching on sweet delicacies?
An expert in emotions, this is how the brilliant entrepreneur likes to define himself: within Kidsopoly, a project already started at the Scuola dei Mestieri will also continue, where children can learn to work with their hands and pretend to be little hairdressers, cooks or expert bricklayers.


We asked Joe a few questions.

What adjectives would you use to describe your place?

Noble , because I believe in values. My aim is not to sell but to make every person happy who is lucky enough to visit us.
Innovative , that's undeniable.
Surprisingly , the WOW is the order of the day here.

How did you hear about Techfood?

When I started thinking about this project I did a lot of research, as the world of food is a new one for me. I met Techfood at the Milan fair and its stand struck me. However, it was only by personally visiting the company headquarters that I realized that the values ​​it embodies are the same ones I believe in: a leading company in the sector , but at the same time family-run and with a strong focus on people .

Which Techfood products do you use at Kidzopoly? And what are you preparing?

We use all plates and the Combi Wave oven. Choco Burger , Choco Kebab and Bubble Waffle are our strong points because they are good, fun and adored by the little ones . With the Combi Wave oven, on the other hand, we manage to be quick, serving savory preparations such as hot dogs, bagels and finger foods in a maximum of 3 or 4 minutes.

What are your plans for the future?

We have been open for 3 months and not everything is ready yet; despite this we have made more than 5600 receipts in this very short period of time. I therefore plan to complete the work, expand as much as possible here in Livorno and expand to Milan in 2023 . I am already in contact with several very interested brands. In the future? I think the project has huge potential for all big cities. The answers are amazing!

Could you tell us your secret to a successful business?

Building a great team , choosing people, trusting them and knowing how to be an excellent leader. The location also counts a lot to enhance a product which in any case must be of excellent quality.


It makes you want to go back to being a child to be able to have fun and feel pampered in this great little paradise; the ideas for an entrepreneurial activity are endless, but knowing how to listen to customers' needs and having the courage to go into a current account should never be lacking.
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July 28, 2022