The line of plant-based pre-fried foods is Rispo 's new successful product , the result of a vision that makes the company - and the Group to which it belongs - a reference in the frozen food sector.
The commercial director, Salvatore Varriale, introduces us to the Green Premium line , with whom we talked about the evolution of catering between corporate culture and gastronomic tradition.

Listening, research and development are the basis of Rispo's offer.

Vegan techfoods
Rispo was born in the 90s from the passion of the Rispo family, experts in sweet and savory pastry, often intended for catering. It is from listening to the needs of restaurateurs who see their business particularly influenced by the seasonality of ceremonies and events that Carmine Rispo decides to leave the family business to pursue his dream of creating a company of frozen service products .

Initially a pioneer in the production of classic snacks, strongly influenced by Neapolitan culture; today the company - together with Gela and il Pane di Villa - is part of a group that blends the characteristics of the national gastronomic culture and is capable of producing around 400 different product references for the horeca sector.

« The Group has given the company a more open and global vision which, combined with specialized skills, allows us today to fully respond to the demand for appetizers, finger food, street food and different aperitif solutions. The world teaches us things » affirmed Salvatore Varriale. « it's up to us to have the flexibility to welcome and learn them. The plant-based pre-fried line was born from listening to an evolving demand. »

Green Premium, the plant-based answer to fast horeca.

Vegan techfoods
The Green Premium line represents an excellent solution for catering businesses that want to integrate their product offering with a plant-based menu , responding to the demand of those who follow a vegetarian, sustainable and meat-free food style; and also meeting the taste of the most traditionalist palates.

« The technology used for the tempering of foods is also fundamental to obtain the maximum resolution of crunchiness, in the shortest possible time. » specified the commercial director.
In particular, with the Combi Wave oven it is possible to cook:
  • 6 plant based arancini similar to beef with mozzarella of 65 gr. each - for a total of 260 gr. - in 4 minutes and 30 seconds;
  • 400 g. of stuffed olives in 3 minutes;
  • a 160 gr plant-based Milanese cutlet. with full side dish in 3 minutes;
  • a complete 100 g portion of plant-based beef-like burger with side dish in 90 seconds.
The innovative combination of product and technology therefore allows operators in the sector to serve quality food, immediately cooked, at any time of day, and to satisfy various dietary, ethical and cultural needs.

Is your restaurant ready to serve plant-based pre-fried food? Let's find out together .
September 15, 2022