With 30 years of experience behind it , for Techfood creating a good product in a pleasant working environment is not only good business but a moral obligation .
The growth of the company has been gradual but constant, always aimed at a primary objective: continuous improvement . In short, a historic company in the sector that has a lot to teach, especially in terms of attention to its collaborators . A family business that wanted to extend the family concept to all the staff.
Precisely for this reason we asked Lucio Fontanesi, Technical Manager, Research and Development and one of our most historic colleagues a few questions.
How many years have you worked at Techfood and how did your journey in the company begin?
I started with Techfood about 30 years ago starting my journey with some assembly in production. I've been working here pretty much since the beginning!
What do you remember about your first day on the job?
Honestly not so much .. the only thing I remember well was the pleasant sensation of finding a family-like environment.
What do you do? And what aspect of your role makes you happiest?
I take care of the management of the technical office at 360 degrees. I don't have a role that makes me happier, luckily most of the tasks I cover satisfy me.
What does Techfood mean to you?
It means many memories, sacrifices and satisfactions; I also add family because in this long period I got engaged, married and became a father of 2 children.
How important is it to collaborate within the company?
In order to obtain positive results, I believe it is essential that there is good collaboration within it.
What makes Techfood special?
The environment and the air you breathe have always made Techfood unique.
What is your favorite Techfood product?
Perhaps the "Patatwist" oven, one of the first items made, but I am also fond of many other products.
“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” said Confucius. Nothing more true in our case; it is a joy and a great satisfaction to grow together with people who share our values , passion and ideas .
Our story is the story of a family and its strength is also and above all our collaborators. Thank you Lucio, we are happy that you are one of us.
October 14, 2022