For us at Techfood, the fulcrum of the commercial activity, as well as obviously the certainty of creating an excellent product , is great attention to the customer .
Indeed, we believe that for the success and recognition of quality, a fundamental role - within the process - is played by the service offered to the consumer as an integral part of the sale.
The service that the customer receives is therefore very important to us and we are happy to have placed his care in the hands of one of our historical collaborators and friends , Elisabetta.
Today we decided to chat with her.
How many years have you worked at Techfood and how did your journey in the company begin?
I joined Techfood in 1995 and stayed here until 2001, when I moved to Tuscany. Initially my role was different, I worked as an administrative and commercial employee. During the 15 years away, I have always kept in touch with the Iori family and, once I returned to Emilia in 2016, they were all happy to welcome me back to the company. Obviously I had to get back into the game: in 15 years the company has grown and I started to deal with a role I had never held before . If I'm still here, I'd say I made it :)
What do you remember about your first day on the job?
The first person who welcomed me was Paola who, from that moment on, has been more than an owner, a mentor , a confidant and an essential person in every respect.
What do you do? And what aspect of your role makes you happiest?
I mainly deal with customer service , but also with secretarial duties. In short, they are a filter between the company and the outside world. It's a totally different role than what I had before, but I really love being able to make customers happy . Hearing compliments and thanks is anything but obvious and, fortunately, it often happens!
How important is it to collaborate within the company?
I am an empathetic person, so for me it is essential to collaborate . I love being able to snatch a smile from a colleague who has had a bad day, I am happy when I find a perfect agreement by sharing tasks with the team and advising each other.
What makes Techfood special?
In Techfood I really feel at home , like family. And, just like in a family, there may be good days and bad days, but nothing happens. In the end we always take care of each other even in the worst moments.
What is your favorite Techfood product?
I have a sweet tooth, so I appreciate the whole dessert department, from Rondò Unika to Choco .
However, I have to admit that when, following the demos, we taste the dishes made with Combi Wave, I can't resist. So good!
What wish would you make for Techfood's 30th anniversary?
I hope that the heart and commitment that we have always put into what we do lead to great, great results. And to be able to retire gratified, happy to have worked in a company of this level :)

An old saying says that you always go back to where you had a good time.
We hope that this is true for Elisabetta, for our customers and for anyone who wants to cross their path with ours.
Our story is the story of a family and its strength is also and above all the collaborators.
Thank you Elizabeth , we are happy that you are one of us.

November 17, 2022