Just like in a family, even a company that is structured and strong in its historical collaborators is always happy to expand and welcome new members .
Indeed, it is the encounter between everyone's experience and knowledge that makes the environment and, consequently, the product interesting , well developed and multifaceted.
Precisely for this reason we decided to ask a few questions to the latest arrival in the Techfood house, the young and very excited Matteo .
Read what he replied!
How many years have you worked at Techfood and how did your journey in the company begin?
I started my journey in Techfood on September 5th, I've been here for a very short time ! Given my skills acquired during my career in catering/gastronomy, I was hired as a support to the historic Chef of the company Simone Agosta. 
What do you remember about your first day on the job?
On the first day, in fact, after a detailed visit to the various departments, I immediately started to become familiar with the product , starting from the warehouse! 
What do you do? And what aspect of your role makes you happiest?
Currently, after only 3 months, I play the role of the classic "joker" to have a quick and complete training as possible! It doesn't get boring at all! 
What makes Techfood special?
It's too early to tell, but from what I've noticed it means QUALITY. And it's not cheap, trust me. How important is it to collaborate within the company?
Collaborations are not lacking at all, indeed, most of the time everything is done. Having several branches within the company, it is necessary for it to innovate continuously and, together with it, the people inside. 
What is your favorite Techfood product?
What can I say... The Combi Wave oven as a work tool! It's really useful, it can be created for an infinite number of preparations. For a chef it's a fantastic tool .
What do you dream for the future?
For the future? Becoming as prepared and technical as possible to perform my duties in the best possible way! What wish would you make for Techfood's 30th anniversary?
The wishes, I would even say in an obvious way, are the most prosperous ...! 
Make way for young people, therefore, but also and above all for people like Matteo who, with great determination , are committed to improving themselves and their surroundings with a smile.
Our story is the story of a family and its strength is also and above all the collaborators. Thank you Matteo, we are happy that you are one of us.

December 09, 2022