If you were to find yourself in Sibari, in beautiful Calabria, you couldn't help but go to Anto's for a hearty breakfast or a tasty aperitif. Antonella and Enrico, in fact, have managed to create a successful and eclectic place which, thanks to the various and interesting proposals, has been able to quickly become a point of reference for the locals.
We asked the two entrepreneurs a few questions to understand the secrets of this winning business; we anticipate that to complete the offer there are, of course, timeless classics from the Techfood house.
Antonella and Enrico, could you tell us how the idea of ​​your original business came about?
Certain! Our place is called Anto's and is now a cafeteria, creperie, aperitif place but also a point for tobacconists and services.
We are located in Sibari in the innermost residential area, therefore not on the through road. A little gamble!
We were born in 2013 as a tobacconist's shop and services to the citizen and in 2016, given the strong demand of many loyal customers, we decided to include a cafeteria and fast food. Fortunately we managed to increase our turnover in a short time.
To date we have grown exponentially and we can count on a workforce of four valid employees who work alongside us as owners.
And to think that our restaurant measures just 70 square meters!
If you had to describe your restaurant in just 3 adjectives, which ones would you use?
Cozy, Clean and Simple. It seems little but it is a decidedly welcome "trademark".

How did you hear about Techfood?
The first time we heard about Techfood was through your dedicated local representative .


And which Techfood products do you use?

We use two of them: the new Ginny4.0 to prepare barley coffee, ginseng and soluble drinks, and Rondò Complex to present crèpes and pancakes to our customers . They are among our strong points and we are happy to be able to count on valid allies.
We are pleased! So, what are the characteristics that you like the most about the purchased products?
They are versatile machines and allow you to make a good impression on the end customer as they are decidedly stable. We carefully select our offers.
Now the most dreaded question: what do you think is the secret to a successful restaurant?

Simple! First of all dedicate the right care and welcome to the customer . This must be accompanied by a choice of high-end products with particular attention to quality. Finally, never neglect consistency.

We at Techfood are proud to contribute with technological innovation to the successful management of many different types of establishments. Do you also want to get to know the potential of Techfood products in person , as happened to Antonella and Enrico? Contact us for advice and support!