Foreign markets represent a great opportunity for Techfood, allowing us to grow and expand our business at the same time. But corporate internationalization, as we know, certainly cannot be improvised overnight; on the contrary, it requires great study, planning and knowledge of the sector .

We are lucky because we can entrust this important branch of our company to a very valid collaborator and friend: Fabio Dozio , our Export sales consultant. Empathy, product knowledge and an explorer's soul make him the ideal ally for Techfood .

We asked him a few questions:

How long have you been working at Techfood and how did your journey in the company begin?

I started collaborating with Techfood at the beginning of 2012 , in the office that deals with foreign markets.

What do you remember about your first day on the job?

The discovery of a very wide range of products and above all of PATATWIST and its excellent results in the discovery of fried products without using oil . And the tasting of a wide range of fried products prepared with this equipment, to convince me of the quality of its cooking results, at 9.30 in the morning!

What do you do? And what aspect of your role makes you happiest?

As an external collaborator, I deal with the management and development of foreign markets, a division that has grown and continues to develop over the years. I really like dealing with international customers , dealing with different cultures and approaches and trying to interpret and satisfy their needs with our range of products.

What does Techfood mean to you?

Working with Techfood means being part of a very dynamic reality, a large family that allows you to work in a constantly changing environment. A company that is never satisfied with the objectives achieved but that continuously sets new ones, more and more stimulating and demanding.

How important is it to collaborate within the company?

Collaboration is essential within a company, because it is only by putting aside individualities and trying to understand the needs of the other departments that we can grow as a group , managing internal conflicts in the best possible way, with the aim to effectively and efficiently achieve the common goal .

What makes Techfood special?

There are many aspects that make Techfood special.

The marked ability to constantly innovate and to create and renew equipment and products which, thanks to their ease of use , allow our customers and their collaborators to use them very simply and quickly learn.

The ability of the company management to identify new market trends , without ever being satisfied with the results achieved, continuously setting new goals for improvement of the offer.

The ability to continually get involved , in different areas, believing in the potential of the team. Furthermore, Techfood was not afraid, even in the difficult moments of the pandemic, to continue investing for the future.

What do you dream for this future?

I dream of being able to continue to coordinate and support the foreign office with even more satisfaction and to be able to celebrate Techfood's 50th anniversary in 2042!

What is your favorite Techfood product?

Steamì is my favorite product, a compact piece of equipment that uses steam to cook and regenerate quickly and in a healthy way.
In my opinion, it is a product that identifies Techfood's proposal well: reinventing the way of cooking various types of products (pasta, poké, rice, soups, polenta, eggs, couscous...) in a simple and ultra-rapid way, by requesting the operator just to press a button.

steamì techfood

What wishes would you give Techfood for the next 30 years?

I wish Techfood and its Management to maintain curiosity and the ability to identify solutions that make life easier for Customers!

Working with Fabio is always a great opportunity for exchange , a joy and a growth experience for everyone. Our story is the story of a family and its strengths are also collaborators and consultants.

Thank you Fabio, we are happy that you are one of us.

February 23, 2023