When it comes to opening a new business , there are many variables to consider. If on the one hand enthusiasm takes over, on the other it is not easy to respect high quality standards and satisfy customer expectations in an original way while remaining within the budget. In this regard, we asked a few questions to local connoisseurs: Giovanni Basile, creator of Nuts Italia, a delicious franchise brand that is conquering the entire boot.


Nuts was born in 2015 in La Spezia inside the "Le Terrazze" shopping center with the creation of the first bar-attolone, a corner inspired by the shape of a spreadable cream note. After less than a year, it becomes a franchise project and opens affiliated points of sale, declined both as a corner and as an indoor store and reaching, to date, 15 points of sale.

What is it about? We can define it as a cafeteria, ice cream parlor and croissant shop, whose core business is the preparation of crêpes, churros, waffles and pancakes to be filled in a creative and fun way.

The objective of the franchising format is to enable the aspiring entrepreneur to open a risk-free business, being able to make use of the experience of a company which, by experimenting, has patented a successful formula and which, at the same time, boasts the help of 11 people in the board who deal with every aspect, from marketing to sector studies.

Zero risks, therefore, but a guarantee of quality , professional maturity and recognition.

What strongly characterizes the brand is the attention to the positive experience that the customer lives inside the premises, from the scent in the air to the care taken in preparing the product, from the methodology to the smile with which it is presented.


What makes Nuts a desirable destination point is therefore the long list of sought-after and quality products, combined with the unique experience of its kind.

The products are 100% Made in Italy: spreadable creams, dessert mixes, machines and all raw materials are carefully selected.

“Things can be done in a thousand ways – Giovanni Basile tells us – but today it is crucial to find the best, fastest and qualitatively most appreciable way to do it.”

Having to respect standards of professionalism, easy replicability and to obtain a studied and reasoned product, Nuts has decided to choose Techfood for machinery and dough. Previously, they turned to another supplier who guaranteed them professional but non-performing machines: once they met Beatrice – our sales manager – they decided to rely on us, guaranteeing technological, qualitative and, consequently, also economic evolution.

The results speak for themselves: thanks to the use of Rondò , for example, preparation times have decreased from 3 and a half minutes to 40 seconds, significantly improving collections and rush times.

Even the doughs are designed especially for Nuts: “they were already excellent before, but they had to be recalibrated after the regeneration. With Techfood almost no correction is needed. It is also for this reason that despite the many proposals from competitors we continue to prefer you".


  • attraction and uniqueness of the store
  • quality of the offer
  • have a working method – an optimized, simple and intuitive system that facilitates each management process
  • high product margins
  • affordability

Are you wondering how Giovanni Basile would describe Techfood?

Nice, effective and efficient. Fast delivery, clear administration, excellent order management, quick response to brand needs and a human relationship that is not limited to that between customer and supplier are the fine words he spent for us.

Thank you!

It was a pleasure to see how much passion and business vision there is behind an activity of this type. Working on quality products and following market trends is a difficult but very stimulating challenge: and if the idea of ​​proposing fun food appeals to you, why not try our professional equipment to surprise customers with new and delicious desserts?

May 11, 2023