In every town there is a historic restaurant, which we become attached to as if it were a trusted friend. In Como, that historic place is Arnold's Pub, a brewery from the 1980s - the first in the area - taken over in 2019 by Gianni Fortunato and Paola Caroni , husband and wife with an entrepreneurial sprint like few others.
They had frequented that very pub since they were boys. One day – as Gianni recounts with a smile to the Comozero journalist – they decided to run a place together and, looking through the ads, the historic village brewery, closed since 2015, popped up, they took it over and a new story was born from there. without forgetting the past one.
In fact, after taking over the business, Gianni and Paola understood that some certainties shouldn't be changed, such as the sandwich with Prague ham, fontina cheese and pink sauce known to all; but that for other things, however, the time had come to renew. This is the case of the kitchen, which without a flue limited the offer and the quality of the proposal despite the large number of pub equipment used. Thus, for Arnold's preparations they relied on the multifunctionality of Combi Wave . Here is Gianni's opinion.

owners of Arnold's pub in Como

How do you use Combi Wave in Arnold's kitchen?

We use it for everything. Combi Wave has replaced the other pub equipment we had : 2 microwaves, 3 air fryers because they are the only ones allowed without a hood and 1 classic sandwich plate . We've had it for a few months, we're still getting the hang of it, but the potential is great. We are using the oven to prepare mainly sandwiches, burgers, cooking vegetables, and to fry mixes and chips . The prospects are promising, not to mention the timing. For example, I used to use air fryers and the fries were done in 20 minutes, now I only need 3 and serve them to the table.

What surprised you the most about Combi Wave?

Combi Wave has amazed us ever since we came to you to train with chef Simone, but it is in the kitchen at Arnold's that we have known his amazing skills. The sandwiches are exceptional, whether they are made with fresh or frozen bread, and customers accustomed to the previous grilled sandwich have noticed the big difference. At the beginning I was doubtful that the bread could be overcooked or undercooked, because we mainly work with fresh bread. And instead with Combi Wave the result is very crunchy and soft .

The crunchiness of the bread actually proves the quality of the cooking

Yes exactly. I would add that we usually divide the quantities of bread supplied in two: one we use for the same evening; the other we keep for the next day by storing it in the classic paper bag. I guarantee that since we have the Combi Wave we have not thrown away a single sandwich left over or stored at room temperature. When we had the plate and we had to revive the loaves, these became even harder. Now after a ride in the Combi Wave they looked fresh again. It's perhaps the best investment I could make for my place .
table with burger and beer

Thank you! And besides sandwiches, what do you prepare with Combi Wave?

Chicken wings, nuggets and cod fillets, appetizers to prepare quickly, with a low food cost and to offer to customers together with our selection of beers. Before, I cut slices of salami and cheese to make simple platters, I certainly couldn't wait 20 minutes for the appetizers to get fried. Now, however, I prepare tastier and more original small dishes to nibble on, which I prepare in a couple of minutes with Combi Wave.

I know you will be installing a Combi Wave in your second bar

Yes, in the cafeteria we have in Carate Urio, in the province of Como right on the lake shore. It is a village tobacconist's bar, of which we have decided to expand the clientele and offer hot table dishes. We will offer sandwiches, salads, wraps to lake tourists.

Your entrepreneurial verve is a good example to consider. In your opinion, what makes a club successful?

The difference is made by who is behind the counter, who must give people the feeling of being pampered and at home. Added to this is certainly the quality of the offer: not so much a large assortment, but well reasoned. With Combi Wave – and I assure you it's not a violin because I'm in the kitchen – we are gaining even more success.
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September 17, 2021