Finding new ideas for pizzerias, varying the menu offer, helps counteract the fierce market of competition. When we talk about pizza in Italy we are referring to a turnover of 12 billion euros, one of the most established (and hungry) markets in our country.
With 12,000 pizzerias by the slice, 14,000 traditional pizzerias and almost 13,000 restaurants/pizzerias, designing a diversified menu becomes essential to stand out from the others. So also Talla Niang and Daniela Sanso, the owners of Salti in Bocca di Gallipoli, have decided to differentiate themselves from the other places. Let's find out with which product.

The sweetest among the ideas for pizzerias

“We trusted Techfood for originality, image and innovation.” These are the words with which the managers of Salti in Bocca di Gallipoli tell the reasons why they chose us. Among the ideas for pizzerias that Techfood proposes, in fact, an innovative product stands out, with a great impact for the customer.
Launched in 2017, in just one year Choco Burger is a chocolate burger that has made itself known all over the world with its sweetness . The formula – two stuffed waffles enveloping a chocolate disc – was born from Techfood's twenty years of experience in the field of catering innovation. Choco Burger is a product capable of expanding a restaurant's offer: it stimulates sales by attracting the final customer .

There is more taste to stand out

"We have tried to differentiate ourselves, offering a product that other places do not offer in Gallipoli" say Talla Niang and Daniela Sanso. Choco Burger therefore also arrives in Lecce thanks to the forward-looking vision of Salti in Bocca, which has already proven its advantages in the field. “ The advantages of Choco Burger are speed and originality . It is a good dish prepared in a short time, without making the customer wait too long.”

Choco Burger is one of the best ideas for pizzerias because it easily adapts to street solutions that offer street food. In fact, the managers of Salti In Bocca have created an external station that helps to involve customers by presenting the latest news. “The machine is easy to clean and is very intuitive to use,” they add.

The formula for the success of Salti in Bocca

Salti in Bocca of Gallipoli has focused on a different menu than usual to increase the offer, and therefore sales. “The passion for this job prompted us to open our restaurant, together with the desire to do something more, to improve the offer compared to the others” explain the managers Talla Niang and Daniela Sanso.

When asked what is the formula for success for a restaurant, they answer: “Quality, therefore try to always use raw materials. The variety of the offer, which gives the customer more choice and allows us to differentiate ourselves from other pizzerias. And attention to innovation.”

Of all the ideas for pizzerias, Salti in Bocca has chosen to focus on the novelty and captivating appearance of a product. The same path has also been taken by the Gelateria delle Nazioni in Riccione, which focuses entirely on the originality of the menu. Check out the story .

April 15, 2024