In the panorama of rolled ice cream, TWIST - The Rolling Ice Cream is a name that has managed to conquer both tourists and locals. 

We are not talking about a real venue, but about an itinerant activity. A nice pedal station that allows you to move around offering rolled ice cream even in remote locations.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Giona, the founder of this innovative activity and new content creator for Techfood. Let's discover together Giona's history, secrets and ambitions in the world of rolled ice cream

The birth of TWIST - The Rolling Ice Cream

TWIST - The Rolling Ice Cream came to life in June 2017. "It all started when I was browsing through Bargiornale and saw the Techfood advertisement," says Giona. "I decided to resign from my old job as manager of a chain of pastry shops and embarked on this new adventure." Since then, Giona has carried on the business alone, with the aim of opening his shop at the end of the touring season.

A product that amazes

Giona works mainly on an itinerant basis, occupying the marinas of Torre San Giovanni and the Marina of Ugento, also taking part in private events such as communions, confirmations or birthdays. "Our product is always received with enthusiasm," says Giona. "It amazes and entertains everyone who tries it.” 



About to open his own place

Giona is about to open his restaurant, which will be ready at the end of the street bike season. The shop, located in Piazza San Giovanni in Casarano, will include a variety of sweets, not just Ice N Roll . “Using the bike in an itinerant way is very nice and not obvious," explains Giona, "and I will have to understand how to carry it out in parallel with the fixed shop."

Three adjectives to describe TWIST - The Rolling Ice Cream

When we ask Giona to describe his business with three adjectives, he has no doubts: fun, original and engaging . Obviously, we agree with him!



The collaboration with Techfood

Giona met Techfood through a local agent, after sending an email. He obviously uses Ice N Roll, appreciating in particular the management of the fundamental programs for processing ice cream at different temperatures, the compactness of the machine which facilitates transport and its sturdiness. "Despite its 8 years of touring, the machine holds up perfectly. It's truly versatile."

Ice N Roll: Innovation and Quality

Giona uses the Techfood Ice N Roll machine to produce rolled ice cream. Ice N Roll is a compact and versatile machine, ideal for creating ice cream directly on the refrigerated plate, allowing you to prepare personalized and spectacular portions in just a few minutes. "At the fair I focus on alcoholic variants, but among customers the classic ice cream works perfectly," explains Giona. "I build my searches around this based on the season or current trends."



The news for the summer

For the summer season, Giona has some interesting news in store. "We will start with seasonal cherries, which are very popular, and then seasonal figs. I will also propose rolls inside the brioches." Furthermore, Giona is thinking of introducing Sicilian cannoli with fresh ricotta, to add a touch of tradition to its innovative offering. 

The Secret to a Successful Venue

According to Giona, the secret to a successful restaurant lies in trust: "You have to believe in the project and have faith in your collaborators. It is essential to understand the customer's needs and cradle them in the right way. Each area has its own peculiarities, and it is important to do a market study before opening."


TWIST - The Rolling Ice Cream is not just a rolled ice cream, but a unique experience that combines quality, innovation and tradition. With Giona's energy and passion, we are certain that this activity will continue to win the hearts of many, thanks also to the support of Techfood. Stay tuned to discover what's next in this exciting project.


June 13, 2024