Nestled among the picturesque beaches and ancient alleys of Scalea, lies a jewel that embodies the quintessence of local gastronomy and creative innovation: Cold Passion . In this enchanting venue, the aromas of tradition blend harmoniously with the charm of culinary innovation , offering a one-of-a-kind gastronomic experience. 

The owner, Paola , recently won the title of Space Bun's 2024 Social Ambassador . This title was deservedly obtained after his victory in the first Space Bun Fight held in January at Sigep in Rimini.

During the Space Bun Fight, six locals competed to make the best Space Bun , the space sandwich that has captured the imagination and taste buds of food lovers across the country.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with her to discover the fascinating story behind the doors of Cold Passion.


Cold Passion saw the light of day at a crucial time, during the early stages of the post-pandemic reopening, when the world was trying to get back on its feet and find a sense of normality. Paola, with her enterprising spirit and contagious passion , seized the opportunity to create a place where warm welcome blends with culinary innovation. Starting with a team of just two members, the venue quickly gained popularity, becoming a hub for residents and visitors seeking authenticity and flavour.

Welcoming, bright and innovative : these are the adjectives that best describe the unique atmosphere of Cold Passion. The inviting ambiance and attention to detail convey a sense of warmth and familiarity, while the bold and inventive creations capture the imagination and delight the most discerning palates.

The collaboration with Techfood was a turning point for Paola and her team, opening the doors to a world of culinary possibilities . The use of innovative products such as crepe and bubble waffle plates has made it easier to take advantage of the street food cart which often hosts events outside the venue. The products he uses are the UNIKO preparation and the neutral crêpe preparation, both of which satisfy his needs. Very quick to prepare, simple and the really interesting thing for her is the UNIKO preparation , a single preparation that allows you to make multiple products. The dedication and assistance of the area representative, Salvatore, played a fundamental role in supporting Paola on her journey.

The recent victory at the Space Bun Fight added another twist to his journey. His "Calabrotto" dish, an explosion of flavors inspired by the local tradition of the Riviera dei Cedri , is composed of capocollo, chicory with crumbled sweet pepper, crusco pepper and a touch of cedar mayonnaise.

Paola thus demonstrated her talent and creativity, earning the title of Space Bun Social Ambassador and bringing the enthusiasm of victory to the heart of Cold Passion.


Looking to the future, Paola is determined to add the innovation and authenticity of Space Bun into her culinary offering, with ambitious plans to introduce new creations inspired by the Space Bun galaxy . Initially he would like to propose it in a sweet version, starting with something classic but timeless. 

So what is the secret to a successful restaurant? Innovation, bringing new things is always something that encourages the customer to come and try, makes him curious. And obviously the welcome, you go to a place to buy a good product, but sometimes also to have a simple coffee and have a chat.

Cold Passion is not just a place to eat, in fact, but a culinary and human experience that celebrates the beauty and diversity of local cuisine, wrapped in the warm embrace of Paola and her team. If you're looking for an unforgettable gastronomic journey , look no further: stop by Cold Passion and let yourself be transported into a world of authentic flavors and creative innovation.