Manuel Festa is the owner of Bianco Beer Food , a brewery in the province of Brescia that offers a careful and selected offer. With the Combi Twist oven, the Bianco Beer Food kitchen is able to satisfy every customer request, churning out hamburgers and quality dishes in record time. Discover the story of Manuel and his restaurant.

How was Bianco Beer Food born?

After about 10 years of experience on the Romagna Riviera, I moved to Verona where I worked for 7 years as a cook and restaurant manager. Then my passion for beer led me to open my place, which is now 7 years old. Bianco Beer Food is a brewery where the quality of the beer is combined with that of the food.

What does your place offer?

Bianco Beer Food is a brewery that offers a wide choice of craft beers and quality food. The main dish is the hamburgers, which we prepare with ingredients from our area. For example, meat is taken from a slaughterhouse while bread is made from a bakery. We focus everything on the quality of the raw material.

Organize the aperiburger, what is it?

It is an aperitif in which we offer free samples of hamburgers. Thanks to the close collaboration with the local bakery, we were able to create a smaller shape of burger bread. The mini tasting sandwiches accompany the beer chosen by the customer, and can be made with meat, cheese and vegetables.

Do you often create theme nights?

Yes. We organize evenings with tastings of local products, or those with the giro-piada and various types of piadine. Yesterday was Valentine's Day and we studied a special fish-based aperitif with prawns in cocktail sauce, mackerel salad and herring fillet with parsley and Tropea onions.
Oktoberfest menu: perfect for a brewery, always to be offered

You have Combi Twist in the kitchen, what do you use it for?

For everything, and more. I also experimented with new recipes with the Combi Twist oven, such as polenta rolls and ravioli. For the rolls, I wrapped the pancetta or speck around the polenta and cooked it so that the sliced ​​meat became crunchy. While I cooked the ravioli in a pan with water, after a few minutes they were ready to be served.

What are the advantages of the Combi Twist oven?

Absolutely the cooking times: speed is a plus. In the kitchen I have two ovens that we use non-stop, in two years with just one of the Combi Twists we have prepared 18,000 cookings!

What are the aspects of a successful restaurant?

The staff first. At the basis of success there must be a professional staff that welcomes the customer and makes him feel at home. Then quality products cannot be missing, because saving on certain things is useless and counterproductive. However, the instruments used must also be of quality, which risk ruining or burning the dishes. When you have a quality oven like Combi Twist, the results are optimal and success is guaranteed.

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February 15, 2018